Alexander Bard

Alexander Bard is a Swedish television personality and songwriter as well as a religious and a political activist. Bard is also one of the founders of sytheism, a religious movement that allows and atheists and pantheists to feel the same sense of community as other religious collectives. This new religious movement east created in partnership with Jan Soderqvist, a Swedish author and lecturer.

The Beginnings of Alexander Bard

Alexander Bard was born in Sweden in 17th March 1986 in the Motala Municipality of Sweden. After Bard completed high school, he would go on to study in the United States and Amsterdam, before returning to Sweden to continue his education in 1984. After attending the Stockholm School of Economics from 1984 to 1989, Alexander Bard became interested in social theory and philosophy. Written Work and Lectures of Alexander Bard “The Futurica Trilogy” was another partnership with Jan Soderqvist and consisted of three books written on the Internet revolution.

The first book was released in 2000, with an English translation following in 2003, with a further 16 translations being released, amassing sales of 340,000 copies worldwide. “The Global Empire” was released in 2003, and the third and final “The Body Machines” was released in 2009. Both works would see English translations. The philosophical outlook on the Internet revolution proved to be so successful that a fourth book was introduced in October 2014.

“Syntheism – Creating God in the Internet Age” focused on the participatory culture of the digital age citing relationalism inspired by Alfred North Whitehead and Niels Bohr as the solution for a collapsing capitalist age. These written works aren’t the only successful books released by Bard. The following is an overview of some of the published works that have cemented Alexander Bard as an inspiration in the world of business, politics and philosophy.

Digital Libido: Sex. Power and Violence in the Network Society One of the reasons that Alexander Bard has become so recognised in his field is because of his unique way of how the relationships between humans and technology have evolved. It’s easy to be drawn into the alluring world of technology without being fully aware of the risks and confusion that the digital age can bring.


Alexander Bard

Finding our way through confusing times can be mean asking ourselves some harsh and difficult questions, but the experience that Alexander Bard has means that humankind can better read between the lines and make the right choices for a better tomorrow. Netocracy: The New Power Elite and Life After Capitalism As well as being a success with his followers, “Netocracy” also found popularity with other philosophers, including Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, who stated the book was one of the most descriptive works regarding the information revolution.

The book recognises that although networks are important, it’s just as important to become part of the right one in order to find balance. The Musical Career of Alex Bard “Life in a Goldfish Bowl” was the first single released by Bard in 1982 under the moniker Barrd, which also included female dancers. Another guise that Alex Bard undertook during his musical career was that of Barbie, an act that performed pop music. Jean-Pierre Barda and La Camilla would follow Bard from Barbie to Army of Two, which would go on to have a series of European hits and found prominence within the gay culture. Another musical project would follow the disbandment of in the guise of Vacuum, whose debut single “I Breathe” was one of the fastest-selling singles in Sweden during 1997.

Alexander Bard would also work with popular European act Alcazar on their first two albums. In 2005, Bodies Without Organs would find success in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia with the albums “Prototype” and “Halcyon Days.”

Lectures and Keynote Speeches of Alex Bard Throughout his career, Alex Bard has delivered many powerful keynote speeches and lectures that have focused on the philosophical, sociological and economic implications of the Internet, Given that Bard would become a revolution in relation to the Swedish music industry, Alex Bard is more than aware of the obstacles that many can face when navigating the online realm.

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