Jonas Ridderstråle

Jonas Ridderstråle

Welcome to the profile of Dr Jonas Ridderstråle. The world of business can be a complicated one, so it should come as no surprise that the business professional of today may be looking for a fresh approach when trying to find success among today’s competition.

Of course, there is a slew of information available online, but those looking for long-term success are often on the lookout for a new way of thinking.
Although some talks may be monotonous and even boring, there are exciting keynote speakers that not only offer a new way of thinking but present the works in an enjoyable and immersive way.

Depending on the nature of the business, it’s often the case that certain milestones will be put in place.
Although there is nothing wrong with such expectations, if they’re fused with old habits, then there may not be much success on the horizon.

As such, it’s often the case that a new perspective is needed for a business to truly find its place in a competitive marketplace.

Jonas Ridderstråle, one of the most influential thinkers of our time

Dr Jonas Ridderstråle has become one of the most respected and influential business thinkers available today. His confident and courageous approach allows him to present his views in an appealing and immersive way.
As well as being a popular icon in the business world, the unique outlook and inspiring ideas of Ridderstrale has also been featured in several publications including Fortune, Financial Times, The Times, Newsweek and Paris Match.

He has been ranked among the top 50 thinkers and has gone on to inspire audiences from a series of different backgrounds and cultures.
As well as ranking among Thinkers50 for several years, Ridderstrale has also been recognised for his leadership skills when he was presented with the Italian Nobels Colloquia award back in 2007 for “Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking.”

Jonas Ridderstråle has stayed at the forefront of inspiration business talks that force professionals to look at their agenda from a new perspective and implement change where it’s needed. These businesses can range from small start-ups to global empires.

Dr Jonas Ridderstråle

Authorship of Jonas Ridderstrale

As well as being featured in several forms of media, Ridderstrale has also become known for his written work, which offers new and inspiring ideas for the modern professional.

“Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance” was writing in partnership with Kjell Nordstrom, a Swedish economist and writer.

The book outlined how successful companies were normally different from the competition, which is attributed to the way people think as opposed to what the company deals in.

Despite being written in 2000, the main principles remain just as valuable today as they were 20 years ago.

Ridderstrale and Nordstrom followed up their work with “Funky Business Forever: How to Enjoy Capitalism” which reinforces the messages depicted earlier, only with a fresh approach and new examples.

Given the success of earlier works, Ridderstrale and Nordstrom worked together again on “Karaoke Capitalism: Managing or Mankind” which outlined the importance of individuality in a competitive business world.
Given how many companies there are offering different services, Ridderstrale and Nordstrom reinforce how fresh ideas can bring a lot to the table in terms of success.

“Re-Energizing the Corporation: How Leaders Make Change Happen” was another joint venture, only this time with Mark Wilcox, a founder of UK-based consulting firm RedThread Consulting.

The book is based on a leadership model that uses the three Es, which are Envisioning, Engaging and Executing.
Ridderstrale and Wilcox believe that by following the model, businesses can build a compelling vision of the future and ensure that the right kind of manpower in force to achieve this vision.

“Fast/Forward” a further collaboration, only this time Ridderstrale teamed with Julian Birkinshaw, a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School.

The book examines the concept of big data, and how successful it has been for companies in the past.
However, it also looks at how omnipresent big data has become, and how the abundance of information available can no longer propel a company or brand like it once did.
The book teaches professional and business owner not to rest on their laurels and that there is nothing wrong with change if it is deployed in the right way.

Keynote Speeches by Jonas Ridderstråle

The popularity of Jonas Ridderstrale can be attributed to the many keynote speeches he has delivered around the world.

Jonas Ridderstråle breaks the conventions of business thinking by encouraging people to look at their changing environment around them and embrace, as opposed to standing still and getting left behind.

This urgency is portrayed in the delivery of Ridderstrale, who ensures that the crowd is immersed in an alternative way of thinking that has simple but effective guidelines to carry out.

Despite the overarching message present in Ridderstrale’s work, there’s no denying the attention to detail put into each segment of his philosophy.
The following is just an overview of some of the captivating and thought-proving keynote speeches carried out by Jonas Ridderstrale during his career.

Forces of Funk: What Drives Change?

“Force of Funk: What Drives Change?” addresses the importance of understanding the current world of business and being able to respond quickly so a business doesn’t lose traction when trends suddenly change.
An example of this can be seen in the camera market, where leading manufacturers found that demand for cameras became less as they were included with almost every smartphone.

Although some companies have survived this changeover, others didn’t fare too well. Being able to adapt to change quickly ensures that you’re not overtaken by the competition without destroying the integrity of your brand.

Ridderstrale states that advancing technologies such as IT and telecommunication should be embraced rather than feared, as it is these technologies that allow us to work in a proficient way, similarly, it’s just as important to ensure that we don’t rely on technology too much, otherwise, some great ideas could slip the net, and it could be an idea that safeguards the future of a company or brand.

Life in the Funky Village: Megatrends

Ridderstrale address how more people are enjoying the freedom of choice in a deregulated global economy. “Life in the Funky Village” details how people should recognise these shifts and be prepared for more demand for migration and customisation.

Freedom of choice in the online realm means that customers shopping habits can change over time. An example of this can be seen in the rising figures associated with mobile purchases, which override that of desktop users in several countries.

Recognising shifts allows a business to be more prepared when technology evolves, or a new trend associated with your service or product makes itself known.

The Future Firm: The Shape of Things to Come

An understanding of the socio-economic environment is becoming a must, as it allows businesses and professionals to understand and adapt to change in a positive way.

The talks cover the impact of changes seen in institutions, technologies and values. Although the prospect of adapting to change can be frustrating and even scary in some respects.
The talks of Ridderstrale evoke confidence in business owners that they have what it takes to adapt to a new business world.

The Holy Grail of Business: Compete on Fitness and Sex-Appeal “The Holy Grail of Business” enforces the importance of thinking independently and not standing still in a competitive business world.

Ridderstrale points out in the speech that customers are becoming more demanding than ever, so it’s of the utmost importance that businesses can harness the ability to add value in different ways.

Re-Energize! Making Change Happen

Ridderstrale talks about the importance of taking charge or being left in the dust. For a business to be able to make the changes needed to face the competition, it must ensure it is energised, which essentially means that all sectors of the business need to ensure the right level of commitment is applied.

The talk continues to cover approaches that can be vital when it comes to leading changes, such as envisioning the future and executing strategies.

Leading Leadership: Developing a Corporate Religion

When a business has a goal and a high chance of success, it’s not uncommon to see it make tough decisions. Finding success in the business world can require a great deal of faith, and this faith needs to be shared among those involved in the task.
As such a “corporate religion” should be instilled into the business to ensure that positivity is active, and everyone has a clear end-goal.
This can be as simple as looking at the current approach of the business, to more deep-seated issues such as the business constantly tolerating mistakes and failure.

The +Factors: New Recipes for Success

When trying to succeed in a competitive business world it’s understandable that may rely on tried-and-tested methods that have proved to be successful in the past.

The talk includes how business should review current strategies and instil new approaches that consider customer expectations as well as the needs of the business.

Ridderstrale continues to be a leading innovative keynote speaker that inspires a multitude of different businesses in many different contexts.
To succeed in the business world we must work together and think outside the box, and Ridderstrale’s inspiring talks force all those present to take charge and move forward.