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Strong Business leader, motivational speaker, author of award wining books, a true visionary. Author of the Trillion Dollar Shift, available for leadership and business consultancy and keynote speaking engagements worldwide

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Marga is a sustainable business compass, ready to help you navigate through changing times in the isolation economy
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Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek is a global business leader and motivational speaker. As CEO of the Dutch Sustainable Business Association, she has been involved in the development of corporations that make business more sustainable. She is also Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Mazars Accountants, Member Responsible Investment Advisory Council of Bank of Montreal and Chairman of the Advisory Board on The Climate Initiative program by a network aimed at supporting start-up companies worldwide.

Internationally recognized with a truly innovative approach

Marga Hoek is a three-time CEO. As a business leader, she gained international recognition for her visionary, innovative approach, and performance on sustainability, demonstrating how business and sustainability can synergize with strong financial returns and a competitive position. As a result of her trailblazing vision, Marga Hoek was appointed CEO of the Sustainable Business Association, which she led from 2010 until 2016. Currently, Marga Hoek currently holds a Non-Executive Portfolio throughout Europe, authors bestseller books and is a frequently asked speaker around the world.

Marga Hoek was acknowledged by Thinkers50 as one of the most influential management thinkers in 2019 and appeared in Fairforce’s global top 100 Green Board Members.
She has authored two best seller books, New Economy Business (2015) and The Trillion Dollar Shift (2018), both of which received golden book awards. Fortune praised The Trillion Dollar Shift, which highlights opportunities the UN’s Global Goals hold for business, as “required reading.

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Marga Hoek’s vision and thought leadership have been featured in many respected publications such as The Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Huff Post, CEO Today, Financial Times and others. Marga Hoek has gained global recognition over the years as an impactful thought leader on sustainable business and capital. As such, she is a sought-after speaker around the world.
She is challenging yet aways inspires with many real-life cases from around the world on how business for good can be done.

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A brand new way

As an international non-executive director, author and speaker Marga Hoek has gained international recognition over the years, specifically known for her ongoing thought leadership on sustainable business and capital. She authored many books and articles, and recently launched ‘The Trillion Dollar Shift’, on the business opportunities of the SDGs.

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