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Dr Kjell A. Nordström is a highly experienced business and economic speaker, accomplished author with a highly acclaimed career spanning some 25 years. His unique style and ability to convey messages are remarkable. This alone has made him a highly appreciated keynote speaker with global status, and he has given keynote presentations in over 100 countries around the world over the last 10 years.


presentations in over 100 countries

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Biggest shift of our time by Kjell Nordström

In the 1850s, the shift from agricultural to industrial economies transformed business models. We are experiencing a similar shift now, but this time it’s off-balance because of technology: AI, machine learning, cloud computing and analytics are changing how businesses operate. If we look at adoption rates of disruptive technologies in terms of invested budgets, we can see that they follow an exponential curve; adoption rates are doubling every couple of years.

Experienced management consultant and strategy adviser

Dr Nordström is an experienced management consultant and strategy adviser. He has 25 years’ experience working with multinational corporations and is affiliated with several universities in Sweden. Dr Nordström holds a doctoral degree in International Business from the Stockholm School of Economics. His research and consulting cover strategy within the areas of corporate business, globalization and international preferences.

Kjell Nordströms and Per Schlingmann lest collaboration

Kjell Nordströms the founder of Uddevalla Business School and a global thought leader, author, speaker and coach for leaders who want to become great. In 2017 he was named one of the 100 most inspiring people in Sweden by Dagens Industri (the largest financial newspaper in Scandinavia). His latest book Momentum (2019), co-authored with Per Schlingmann, describes how the climate change, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine is changing our societies, our businesses and ourselves. In this book he describe new keys to success and introduce a model for seizing the opportunities and developing your leadership in our current paradigm shift.

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