Susan Annunzio

As Principal at Nextera and bestselling author, Susan Annunzio has provided corporate strategy advice to companies involved in large-scale transitions. She is a sought-after advisor to senior corporate leaders around the world for her expertise in fashioning programmes that maximise success and profitability through breaking down the traditional structural and managerial barriers.

A renowned leader of change management with 25 years of experience, Susan inspires companies to transform their traditional culture into an environment ready to compete and profit in the new economy by demolishing the implicit rules that stifle employee creativity.

Susan leads Nextera’s strategic change management practice and her projects have covered a wide variety of industries: financial services, petroleum, manufacturing, high technology, professional services and healthcare. One of her major achievements is the complete re-shaping of a global petroleum company, reversing its declining performance through an ongoing effort aimed at reinvigorating the leadership of the organisation. In just a few months the company’s newly inspired leaders eliminated numerous barriers and unproductive work processes resulting in increased revenue and shareholder value.

Prior to joining Nextera, Susan Annunzio was President of RevCom Inc, a strategic communications consulting firm. She also led the change management efforts at CCH (a global publishing & software company). In addition, Susan is also a professor at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.

An experienced keynote speaker and seminar leader, Susan likes to break the rules. By inspiring audience participation and interaction, she creates the spirit of change.