Stéphane Mallard

Stéphane Mallard, the most influential digital keynote speaker of our time

We only have to look at the current pace technology evolves to ascertain how prevalent it is in today’s society.

Stéphane Mallard –
Disruption : préparez-vous à changer de monde !

Regardless of whether you’re checking your bank, or making a hotel reservation, chances are you will be using some form of technology to carry out your actions.

Artificial intelligence is also becoming an everyday reality, and while many see it as a benefit, others could feel that the widespread use of artificial intelligence could be detrimental, especially when it comes to future generations.

When it comes to automating mundane tasks, the use of artificial intelligence can seem like the perfect companion, and there are a series of businesses that are able to invest time into other sectors of the business because of this technology.

However, as many of us tend to go with the flow in relation to technology, it’s easy to become excited as to what’s on offer. This means that some can end up relying on technology too much, which could cause disturbance to the business in the future.

You only have to look at the current smartphone market to grasp how trends grow quickly. Much of the new tech introduced isn’t necessarily needed, but the digital world would have you believe otherwise.

It’s easy to become lost in the hysteria surrounding new tech, and there are those who believed that adopting such tech so quickly could harbour the future in several different ways.

More and more businesses are becoming aware that they have to be more considerate when planning their future, especially if they’re established and rely on employees.

Introducing Stephane Mallard: Digital Evangelist and Artificial Intelligence Expert

Looking to earn money from 12 years old, Stephane Mallard has gone on to be one of the most popular speakers and authors in the technological sphere.

Mallard learned to code when he was 10 in C under Linux, allowing him to compile and execute files within the Linux profile with ease. This simply interest would be one that moulded Mallard into the digital evangelist he is today.

His humble beginnings soon led him to become a software developer, including a platform that offered financing plans for a mortgage broker.

Wanting to broaden his horizons in the field of finance, Mallard attended Universite du Quebec a Montreal to study economics, leaving with a bachelor’s degrees in economics and finance, and was also awarded a scholarship by the university.

Looking to expand his knowledge even further, Mallard went on to join Sciences Po Paris and graduated from the Master International Economic Policy in 2012.

Following the acquisition of his qualifications, Mallard began his professional career at Societe Generale where he was put in charge of strategy, innovation and foresight. It was here where Mallard started to work on the digital transformation of trading rooms.

This is where Mallard’s interventions started and started carrying out internal sessions with small groups to raise awareness about artificial intelligence, and the potential impact it could have on people.

Mallard, along with his team Bernard Georges and Christelle Launois, decided that it was time to raise awareness among the masses as opposed to small groups of people. From here, Mallard and his team began holding conferences and talks at a selection of schools and businesses.

As word spread, Mallard was soon on the radar of several businesses and platforms that were keen to hear more.

Mallard Finds His Inner-Evangelist

Given that Mallard and his team had been working hard to reach the ears of the masses in relation, not artificial intelligence, it could be considered a stroke of fate that in 2016 he was invited by Blu Age to address members of Comex CAC40 regarding artificial intelligence.

Not only was the talk a great success, but Blu Age was also so impressed with what Mallard had to offer that he gained the role of digital evangelist.

In 2018, Mallard formed Casual Shake so he was able to fully immersive himself about the changes being instilled into society as a result of artificial intelligence.

The focus of Casual Shake is to deliver inspirational keynotes to businesses and their employees. As week as covering disruptive technologies, such as chatbots and Internet-of-Things, the company also delivers talks on digital culture and strategy.

What makes Casual Shake stand out from other companies is the approach that is taken. Mallard has already proved via talks alone that his unique vantage point of the digital world is one worth looking at.

Talks and Interviews

As well as carrying out a selection of different talks for businesses, Mallard has also been interviewed for FinTech Mag and Viva Technology 2017 where he spoke about the evolution of artificial intelligence and the shortfalls and problems it could potentially cause in the future.

Kiss My Frogs, a French media blog that covers tech voices and start-up companies also conducted an interview with Mallard.

As well as conversing about his younger years, the blog also asked about his viewpoint on artificial intelligence and referred to the two movements that could potentially take place.

Mallard stated that the first movement would see an increase in productivity, as the tasks needed to contribute towards artificial intelligence will be vast. While this sounds promising initially, it is counteracted by the second movement which would see the same workers replaced quickly

This is because Mallard believes that the rate of artificial technology is catching up with that of the human brain, in that it looks to emulate cognitive functions and visual recognition.

However, there is also an element of “artificial creativity” which is essentially about turning existing elements and creating something new with them, of which a basic version already exists.

On the other hand, Mallard states that we have benefits in being human. This means that although a machine could offer the same diagnosis as a doctor, those receiving the diagnosis would probably prefer reassurance from a human as opposed to an algorithm.

Mallard Writes “Disruption: Artificial Intelligence, End of Wage, Increased Humanity

Given the popularity of Mallard and his views on technology, it should come as no surprise that a book would be introduced at some point, and the release of “Disruption” was just what the fanbase was waiting for.

It breaks the shackles of conventional business guides and forces professionals to look at things in a different way. Should we be relying on artificial intelligence? Or is there a fear that too much of a good thing could curb the learning of society?

In a world that’s so convenient, it’s easy to swipe away such worry. However, future trends are becoming popular in the professional world for a good reason, and that’s because of those who offer a different perspective on what the future has to offer.

“Disruption” focuses on the ongoing disruptions that companies today are faced with, in a manner that’s easy to understand.

The book explores the end of the wage, and the way established companies and employees could be exposed to risk as time goes by.

The way the book is interpreted can depend on how you operate professionally but considering more than one path is the one true way of future-proofing your business.

Many businesses and professionals can get caught up in the modern world, and it can be difficult to decipher what should be done and what should be avoided.

Like anything in life, too much of a good thing could end up being bad for us and weighing up our options allows us to make more savvy decisions moving forward.

Some may find it hard to read between the lines given how busy everything can seem but relying on those who have become seasoned experts allows businesses and professionals to consider all factors when looking to evolve moving forward.