Sergio Zyman

Considered one of the most brilliant and zany global brand builders, Sergio Zyman is best known as the highly outspoken Chief Marketing Officer of the Coca-Cola Company. A best-selling author, founder and chairman of Zyman Marketing Group, a strategic consulting firm, he has developed a revolutionary set of principles that have proven to translate marketing strategies into positive business results.

In his highly animated presentations Sergio demonstrates why marketing has become top priority for business success and shows how to move more profitably in the global marketplace. He energises his audiences with his dynamic style and his unique vision of the global brand.

Sergio’s record as a master marketer includes tenures with Pepsico and Proctor and Gamble, but he is best known and internationally respected for his bold actions at Coca-Cola when he reconceptualised the company’s marketing strategy and boosted worldwide annual volume from 9 billion to 15 billion cases – the most explosive growth period in the company’s history.

His insights and examples of marketing principles in action demystify marketing and explain it as a science, rather than art.

Sergio is a native of Mexico and speaks fluently in English and Spanish.  With a wealth of experience and astute insights into the world of marketing Sergio is a highly sought-after speaker for his expertise around the globe.