Sabine Christiansen

Sabine Christiansen is the producer and presenter of the most significant and successful discussion forum on German television. The programme named after her, Sabine Christiansen, is televised live by the ARD, which, along with the BBC, is the largest television network in the whole of Europe. Mrs Christiansen interviews leading international figures from the fields of politics, business, culture and society as a whole and engages her guests in controversial discussions on current political topics or explosive social issues.

Sabine Christiansen started training as a journalist in 1983, progressing to editor and moderator at the regional broadcasting centre in Hamburg in 1985. Her editorial work included regional politics, economic issues, news and television documentaries. Between 1987 and 1997, she was the editor of ‘ARD Aktuell’ and presenter of ‘Tagesthemen’, both shows being highly respected German television news programmes. Watched by millions of viewers from 14 European countries, both the show and its host have an outstanding reputation. She was awarded the Adolf-Grimme-Award in 1995 .

Following a six-part television documentary on regions such as Tibet, Sicily, Burma, Kenya, Lebanon and Guatemala which she presented in 1993, Sabine Christiansen wrote her second book, ‘Hoffnung hat viele Gesichter’ (Hope has many faces) based on her reports. Her third book was published during 1999. In addition to receiving numerous awards for her journalistic achievements, Sabine Christiansen was voted the ‘Best Female Moderator of the Year’ 2000 by GGC survey, ‘Germany’s Most Important Woman’ in 1999 by Bunte Magazine and ‘German Woman of the Year’ 1999 by The Forsa Institute.

Hosting her own political talk show, this UNICEF spokesperson is a highly regarded panellist, moderator and lecturer in English and German.