Rory Bremner

Rory is now established as one of Britain’s sharpest impressionists, with a reputation for accurate mimicry and topical satire. His repertoire now extends to over 80 personalities, ranging from film actors to television presenters, from comedians to sports commentators and from politicians to Roy Hattersley.

He was educated in Edinburgh and at Wellington College, but started acting in revues and cabarets while at University in London, where he gained a good honours degree in French, German and imitating lecturers. He still speaks both languages – French fluently, German slightly better than Nicholas Ridley. He has a Russian “O” Level.

Rory’s present career began whilst at university, appearing in radio satire shows Weekending, BBC, Newsrevue, LBC and in Cabaret in London and Edinburgh.

Having first appeared on The Tube he gained early success on the first Wogan show and was a regular guest both there and on TV-am. Other early appearances included two Royal Gala Performances It’ll be alright on the night (co-presenting), Jasper Carrott, Live Aid, Comic Relief, Spitting Image and many others. His cricketing parody of Paul Hardcastle’s “19” was a Top 20 Hit in 1985 and he is still not allowed out of buildings without doing Richie Benaud. He is a keen cricketer himself, but is unable to injure himself regularly enough to play for England.

Rory frequently performs at sporting, charity and campaigning events and has done documentaries and benefits for Friends of the Earth, Transport 2000 and Greenpeace.