Rohit Talwar

He is currently running the largest Horizon Scanning and Futures Programme in Europe for UK Government and leading a study on the critical global trends over the next 50 years. He also facilitated the consultation for the UK MoD’s major study on Strategic Trends 2030 and has recently completed the design and facilitation of an Accelerated Scenario Learning programme for a global pharmaceutical company.

Rohit uses experience gained from working on 5 continents to motivate organisations and individuals to challenge the orthodoxy, consider future possibilities and create their preferred futures

.He uses in-depth research, practical experience and powerful imagery to help people understand, act on and benefit from the complex trends, forces for change and uncertainties that are shaping our world. Rohit is most commonly asked to consult on and speak about the following topics: agility, growth, foresight and strategy to name but a few.

Rohit is a motivational keynote speaker with a reputation for inspiring audiences with cutting edge insights and practical ‘how to’ advice. He was recently invited to share the platform with Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss California’s future in a changing global economy.