Rob Goffee

Rob Goffee is professor of organisational behaviour at London Business School. His research publications have covered entrepreneurship, business formation and growth, and managerial careers.

He has published seven books including Entrepreneurship in Europe; Women in Charge; Reluctant Managers; Corporate Realities and The Character of a Corporation (1998) written with Gareth Jones. “Delayering, downsizing, and reengineering have exacted a steep price in human capital,” says Goffee. “Today’s restructuring has produced not empowerment, but a sense of cynicism, betrayal and mistrust – and a climate unlikely to foster the commitment and personal risk-taking required for effective leadership.”

Rob Goffee consults to the boards of a number of FTSE 100 companies.

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones are the founding partners of Creative Management Associates (CMA), a consultancy focused on organisations where creativity is a source of competitive strength.

At London Business School, he joined the Organisational Behaviour Group, before moving to Polygram, where he was senior vice president for global human resources. Later, he returned to academia as B.T. Professor of Organisational Development at Henley Management College. From Henley, Gareth joined the BBC as director of human resources and internal communications.