Hire Philippe Dessertine

Philippe Dessertine

Philippe Dessertine is a renowned professor of finance and management, director of the centre of Studies and of Research on the Organizations and the Strategy to the University of Paris West Nanterre. He is also the Defence Director on the Institute of high finance to the IFG ( French Institute of Management).

Philippe Dessertine, Key Figure in Economics

Philippe is a well-respected and trusted figure in the World of finance, in this fierce financial climate the entire World is living in today there are not many figures such as Philippe who have a boundless knowledge and immeasurable experience on the subject of finance. Famous for his views and predictions with absolute dependability, Philippe delivers strong and substantial advice in this extremely turbulent time to the uncertain World of finance.

Philippe regularly holds talks with various Government bodies, Organizations and is seen in many television debates. If you would like to book Philippe for an engagement, presentation or event