Per Schlingmann

Per Gerhard Schlingmann is a Swedish politician who has also held several other positions, including public relations consultant, lecturer and author.

As well as the many positions Per Schlingmann have undertaken, he also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics.

Per Schlingmann has played a large part in promoting Sweden as a creative pioneer, stating that creative outlets such as music, art, movies and video game can all contribute towards the creation of the new solution, new employment avenues as well as a stronger image for Sweden as a whole.

As an author Per Schlingmann has written several books, with some of the more popular being as follows.

As well as being a member of the Swedish Film Institute and Ecoliving AB, Per Schlingmann is also the Vice Chairman of SOS Children’s Villages, a global charity that supports children and families at risk.

The first higher post that Per Schlingmann held in the Moderate was the role of press secretary in the mid-nineties.

In 2004, he became head of communication for the party, before succeeding Sven Otto Littoring for the party.

Per Schlingmann has been cited as bringing success for the party in 2006 and is thought to be one of the main reasons that the party became ‘the new moderates.’

Per Schlingmann was the party secretary for the Moderates from 28th September 2006 to October 1st, 2010, before going on to become a chief strategist for the Swedish part between 2006 and 2010.

Following the 2010 parliament elections, Per Schlingmann announced that he would be leaving the moderate party.

Per Schlingmann stated that although his time within the political world had been both exciting and challenging, he felt it was time to move onto new challenges. 

The last day of the employment with the Moderates was 28th February. 2013.

In the Eye of Power

The book was first published in 2017, and although a work of fiction, it does draw upon the experiences that Per Schlingmann has in the world of politics.

The book covers the political game, including the disputes and internal relations that arise, during a busy Almedals week.

‘In the Eye of Power’ has been so successful, it has been used as the basis for ‘The Inner Circle,’ an eight-part series made for Viaplay, a Nordic streaming service.

As well as the ‘In the Eye of Power’ serving as the backbone of the story, Per Schlingmann is also serving as Executive Producer for the series.

Urban Express

Written in partnership with Kjell A Nordstrom, ‘Urban Express’ was written before the sharing economy became recognised, and looks at how society needs to adapt to thrive in the future.

Published in 2015, the book stated a silent revolution would take place, led by citied and women.

The changes they expected to see included the transformation of multination companies into multi-urban entities.

Never Stand Still

Published in 2013, ‘Never Stand Still’ echoed the beliefs of Per Schlingmann that change is important, especially when it comes to embracing brand-new ideas and concepts.

Some the concepts that Per Schlingmann believes that professional must embrace including being prepared to upset current circles, being more open to mistakes as well as letting go of far-fetched goals, such as pleasing everyone all the time.

The unique experiences and concepts offered by Per Schlingmann allow business, professional and even those looking to make changes a unique concept that could help mould the future for the better.

Harpsund Round Trip

Another work of fiction inspired by Per Schlingmann’ s time in politic, ‘Harspund Round Trip’ is a story the centres on three woman that make a decision that affects the political power in the Harpsund, the recreational home of the Swedish Prime Minister.

As well as the many books authored by Per Schlingmann, he has also delivered several lectures around the world and offered an abundance of advice for professionals and corporations that want to take a stand in the competitive market.

Resume is a fortnight news magazine that was able to offer advice to Swedish businesses via a column that was contributed by Per Schlingmann, entitled “Four Lessons for Companies That Want to Make a Stand.”

The article highlights recent success factors that also ironically work against the conformity of the current business market. In short, those wanting to make a difference must think with clarity, as well as attempt more daring approaches.

Firstly, the company must have a clear goal in sight, with the second step being knowing to realistically achieve the goals. Communication can be one of the biggest hindrances in business and while there’s a benefit in hearing every solution, those in power need to be the final decision-maker.

Thirdly, a business has to be cleat in the way it works, and recent successes have been companies that have focused on issues that also affect them. A customer that knows a business better is more likely to form a relationship.

Lastly, it’s about ensuring that the previous goals are met. The viewpoints offered by Per Schlingmann could take time and money to implement but preparing for a changing world ensures that a business isn’t left standing still while the competition takes over.

The unique but practical vantage point of Per Schlingmann has benefited several businesses and institutions around the world and still proves to be a popular keynote speaker today.

If you’re looking to change your business or are just looking for a talk that will inspire and encourage a new way of thinking, then why not book Per Schlingmann for your next event.