Nigel Barlow

Nigel Barlow is a keynote speaker on creativity, the innovative management of change and customer service. Since the past 18 years he has been focusing on helping major organisations and industries around the world.

Nigel was a founding director of the UK consulting wing of the Tom Peters Group, TPG Partners, and has also established his own international customer service consultancy that specialises in helping clients to deliver high and professional levels of service.

Nigel a regular contributor to Customer Service Management journal is also the Author of “Batteries Included”: Creating Legendary Service. Nigel coaches and provokes senior teams to be more creative and adventurous in the goals. His presentations are well-known for their freshness, challenge and humour, Nigel is always ready to take on the after-lunch slot as a challenge that he can keep his session lively, interactive and focused. The themes he works with are Creative Approaches to Change, Shaping the Future, Organisational Innovation and Customer Service.

He has worked with audiences as diverse as Korean managers, German engineers, BBC researchers and producers, road rescue patrolmen, British bankers and many senior and board-level teams. He is able to communicate serious messages in a highly entertaining way.

Nigel Barlow is an agent provocateur; with wit and humour his telling messages get home.