Mark Austin

Since joining ITV News in 1986 Mark has specialised in covering foreign events, travelling all round the globe. In Sept 2001 he covered the terrorist attacks in New York and afterwards reported on the war in Afghanistan.

Mark Austin anchors the ITV Evening News and co-presents Manhunt, helping track down Britain’s most wanted. He also presented the reality show Survivor, which saw contestants left on a desert island competing for a one million pound prize.

Mark is also a seasoned foreign correspondent. He was based in Hong Kong during the handover to the Chinese. He moved to Johannesburg to report on the transition to democracy in South Africa and the civil war in Rwanda, and when Nato troops finally entered Kosovo, Mark was airlifted in with the Gurkhas.

Aside from news stories, Mark has covered all the major sporting events. He won a Royal Television Society Sports award for his coverage of the drug scandal affecting three British sportsmen at the Olympic Games.