Kjell Nordstrom

Kjell Nordstrom

Kjell Nordstrom

Amid the madness and hyperbole surrounding the new economy, Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is a guru of the new world of business. The 2005 Thinkers 50, the world’s first ranking of management thinkers ranked Nordström and his partner Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle at number 9 in the world and number one in Europe. He is presently Associate Professor at the Institute of International Business (IIB) at the Stockholm School of Economics. His research and consulting focus is on the areas of corporate strategy, multinational corporations and globalization.

Kjell Nordstrom, innovative speaker, author and professor

Kjell holds an Economic Licentiate degree and a doctoral degree from the Stockholm School of Economics. Kjell has been responsible for the International Business course at the Stockholm School of Economics and is one of the founders of the schools most prestigious management programs, “The Advanced Management Program – AMP”. AMP is a five-week top-management program that attracts the elite of Scandinavian executives. He is also on the board of directors of several companies.

Presenting a manifesto of what is required from organisations and their leaders, he delivers powerful and sharp messages to test your views of business. He challenges the validity of conventional approaches in today’s world, yet submits real and alternative strategies for sustainability

His style mirrors his message, unconventional yet valid, dynamic yet noteworthy. He is not your typical business guru; his revolutionary message is delivered in a revolutionary way.

Kjell Nordstrom in more detail

Dr. Kjell Anders Nordstrom is a prominent Swedish public speaker, writer and economist. He was born on 25th February 1958, in the suburban district in the southern part of the capital, Stockholm, called Skärholmen, but was raised on a small Finnish Aland archipelago island. Kjell and his parents lived away from Sweden for several years before moving back there during the 60s.

From Engineering to Economics and International Business

Although his is a foremost economist and known for giving lectures and public discourses on the world of business and leadership, he studied to become an engineer. After he completed his engineering studies, he enrolled in the Stockholm School of Economics and earned his PHD in International Business in 1991.

From the early 90s, after receiving his PhD through to 2004, he held the position of Assistant Professor at Stockholm School of Economics’ Institute of International Business. The focus of his consulting work and research was in the areas of globalization, multinational corporations and strategic management. During this time, he held consultant and advisor positions for several extremely large multinational corporations and the British government.

The Advanced Management Program

He also is responsible for the Stockholm School of Economics’ International Business course and is a founder of the most prestigious management program at the school ‘the Advanced Management Program – AMP’. This is a top management program that runs for five weeks and attracts the Scandinavian executive elite.

Publicized Works

He released his first book, titled Funky Business – Talent Capital Dance, written by both him and his long-term associate and colleague Jonas Ridderstrale in 2000. The book, seen as being a manifesto of sorts for what the times we are living in needs from businesses and their managers/leaders, was highly acclaimed at the time it was published and is still very much considered to be one of the best business books ever written.

It quickly became a bestseller around the world and has been translated into an impressive 33 different languages. Both the renowned webzine Management General and Amazon ranked it in their top 5 lists of the best business books released in 2000. Furthermore, another survey listed it as being the 16th best business book ever.

Nordstrom, again with Ridderstrale, followed up Funky Business with Karaoke Capitalism – Management for Mankind in 2003. This also had international success and, at the time of writing, had been contracted to be translated and publicized in 23 different languages. As part of the promotional work for the book, the pair appeared on Global Office, a CNN programme. The show consisted of an exclusive interview with Nordstrom and Ridderstrale discussing the ideas behind Karaoke Capitalism.

Public Speaking

Nowadays, Nordstrom and Ridderstrale work in the professional public speaking sector giving lectures and seminars about strategic management. Nordstrom is especially known for his very dynamic, captivating, thought-provoking, timely and incredibly interactive performances. It is this approach, as well as their sound reasoning on the business world, that has resulted in their ranking at number nine on the international circuit and number one in the European circuit by the Thinkers 50. Thinkers 50 is a notable international bi-annual rank of management thinkers.