Julie Meyer has 17 years of investment and advisory experience, helping start-up businesses and industry standards to emerge and establish themselves. As Chief Executive of Ariadne Capital, she has overall general and financial management responsibility for the group which she founded in August 2000. Julie is well-known for founding First Tuesday, a global network of entrepreneurs, which many credit for igniting the Internet generation in Europe. It was sold for $50 million in July 2000. Julie has raised more than $100 million of capital for start-ups in addition to overseeing a further $150 million of seed capital found for start-ups through First Tuesday. From 1998 to 1999, Julie was part of the team at NewMedia Investors (which became NewMedia Spark, an early stage investment firm, in October 1999), where she helped several companies, including lastminute.com, WGSN and Arc Cores, raise significant venture capital financing and internationalise. Each of these businesses has had successful exits for their investors. She previously worked for Andy Cunningham in Boston, Massachusetts and through Cunningham Communication she consulted for Motorola, Inc, on the PowerPC initiative. She has also consulted for Hewlett Packard and 3Com in France. Named a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum and one of the Top 30 Most Powerful Women in Europe by the Wall Street Journal , Julie’s mission is to back the best entrepreneurs in Europe with global ambitions. She was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award in October 2000 by Ernst & Young UK. Julie is also a Non-Executive Director of the AIM listed company, Nettworx. Julie is setting up a foundation for girls in their teens to help them become addicted to achievement.