Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz is a leading economic educator.

President Clinton appointed Mr Stiglitz as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in 1995 and he went on to win the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001.

A former Chief Economist to the World Bank, he is currently Professor of Economics at Columbia University.

His recent work focuses on globalisation and its positive and negative impacts on individuals and economies.

A pioneer in the field of the application of economic theories, he helped create the new branch of economics ‘The Economics of Information’ and he continues to offer tools for policy analysts.

Founding editor of The American Economics Association’s Journal, he also holds numerous prizes and doctorates in recognition of his groundbreaking work.

Professor Stiglitz explores how markets are influenced and the effects of various circumstances on their success. Concluding with views on how performance can be improved.

Presenting with humour he delivers the most informative of messages that convey the global economic context with ease.