Joey Reiman is the inspiring champion of ideas and the role they can play in building a strong and thriving business. He is extremely effective on the platform, too, a truly unique, dynamic and entertaining speaker. He has an extraordinary record helping leaders discover bold and exciting ideas within their companies and turn them into profit. Three lines of profit, in fact: financial profit, emotional profit (the health of the organization), and intellectual profit-what the company can create. His message: the art of critical thinking has become our most important asset. Joey is the author of several bestselling books, including Business at the Speed of Molasses: How Patience Produces Profits, due to be published in 2007. He is the founder, thinker and CEO of Bright House, the world’s first Ideation Corporation, a company dedicated to identifying remarkable ideas and helping companies migrate them into commerce. Joey teaches Ideation at Emory’s Goizueta Business School. In Business at the Speed of Molasses, Joey and co-author Andrea Hershatter show how slowing down and building business on the basis of a Master Idea produces enduring performance results. By discovering and bringing to life your organization’s Master Idea-a core purpose that provides strategic direction for managers and employees-you can galvanize your workforce, nurture innovation, dramatically increase your bottom line and win a distinctive place in the minds and hearts of your customers. Joey has won more than 500 creative awards in national and international competitions, including the Cannes Film Festival. He is co-founder of the Chapter 11 bookstore chain and several other successful businesses.