Jeremy Vine is probably best known as a former presenter of BBC 2’s flagship program Newsnight, He currently hosts his own radio show on BBC Radio 2 and he retains his screen presence with The Politics Show on BBC1 every Sunday lunchtime. Jeremy is most remembered for his controversial award winning 1999 South African Police Brutality Report which rocked the South African Police Service and resulted in 22 police officers being prosecuted Jeremy has won several awards during his career. In 2000 he won the Amnesty International Radio Award and more recently has been recognised for his achievements in the Sony Radio Academy Awards (the equivalent of the radio Oscars). Jeremy speaks about his experiences of working for the BBC in assignments that have taken him around the world. His anecdotes of working as a political correspondent are both thought provoking and amusing. He is also an experienced moderator and conference host. Jeremy’s highly enjoyable presentations are an entertaining and at times moving insight into journalism. He is also a relaxed and confident host well-used to the pressures of handling a live audience.