Jacques Attali is an eminent economic advisor and was recently nominated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy as the head of the Commission to promote French Growth. From 1981 to 1991 he was special advisor to François Mitterrand and in 1990 he became the first president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD. He is chairman of A&A, an international consultancy company and the founder and president of PlaNet Finance, an international non-profit organisation that uses the Internet to combat poverty concentrating on the microfinance sector. In 1984 he founded Eureka, the main European programme on new technologies. Then in 1989, he launched an international action programme against massive floods in Bangladesh. Recently, he also served as Conseiller d’Etat in Paris and has advised the United Nations Secretary General on nuclear proliferation. This former advisor and scholar expounds great insights into the affects of globalisation, the changing world order, geo-political issues and the future of Europe. A flamboyant and outspoken speaker, he never fails to instigate debates after his presentations. He is in demand for keynotes at prestigious conferences across the globe. Jacques Attali is an economic theorist as well as a famed author and keynote speaker. As well as serving as counsellor to President Francois Mitterrand between 1981 to 1991, Jacques Attali was also the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development between 1991 and 1993. In 1997 the French politician Claude Allerge requested Jacque Attali to propose a restructuring of the higher education degrees system, before co-founding EUREKA, a European program focused on developing new technology. As well as holding several prominent roles, Jacque Attali has also released a series of books that not only looking at the economic history but also gives insight to the fiscal future of the world. The Early Life of Jacques Attali Jacques Attali was born in Algeria on 1st November to 1943 along with his twin brother Bernard. Both Jacques and his brother studied at the Lycee Janson-de-Sailly high school which was situated in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, France, as well as graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique, an institution of higher education and research located in Palaiseau, as first of class in 1963. Although already impressive, Jacques Attali’s educational conquests didn’t end here, as he received recognition in other educational institutions including graduating from Ecole Des Mines and Sciences Po. In 1972, Jacques Attali received a PhD in economics following a thesis he had written while being supervised by Alain Cotta, a French economist. At the age of 27, Jacques Attali became a member of the Council of State before going on to publish written work a couple of years later. Further Literacy Works of Jacques Attali The many positions held by Jacques Attali in partnership with the several accolades he has received has led Jacques Attali to write a series of books over the years. A popular piece of work by Jacques Attali is entitled “Noise: The Political Economy of Music” which follows the original and development of music while showing how its structure is prevalent within society and can act as an indication of change. “1492: From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance” looks back at the concept of Europe, including its beginnings. As well as showcasing how diverse Jacques Attali was in relation to written work as well as being a regular recommendation to those with a vested interest in European History. Jacques Attali goes on to offer another historical outlook that has led us where we are today in his 1999 book, “The Labyrinth in Culture and Society: Pathways to Wisdom.” The book goes into vast detail about how over several centuries, humanity has looked to shake off the shackles of an indirect path, with many people feeling that there is more benefit in following a straight line. Jacques Attali points out that conforming to this way of thinking can lead us to become shallow, whether we recognise it or not. The International Career of Jacques Attali As well as carving a success in a career in being an author, the passion of the Jacques Attali bled into many industries over the years, giving Jacques Attali a wealth of experience in several professional sectors, as well as using his vast knowledge to advance progress. As well as aiding with the formation of EUREKA, Jacques had also been active the creation of NGO Action Against Hunger back in 1979. The plan of action that was created to help counteract the flooding being experienced in Bangladesh back in 1989 was also made possible by the involvement of Jacques Attali. Jacques Attali also gave up politics in 1989 and went on to create the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which was located in London and was thought off just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The purpose of the EBRD was to support the reconstruction of Eastern European countries and supported a series of investments that were designed to safeguarded nuclear power plans as well as supporting the integrity of the European infrastructure. Jacques Attali’s Private Financial Career As well having a fruitful international career, Jacques Attali also carved a private financial career. Jacques Attali founded Attali & Associates (A&A) that specialised in consulting, venture capital and corporate finance that helped companies flourish. Kelper Capital Markets, a Swiss broker, also made Jacques Attali a member of the supervisory board. Jacques Attali’s Love for Music and the Arts As well as music playing a major part in some of Jacques Attali’s written work, it was also a passion in the real world. A seasoned piano player, Jacques Attali not only played for Les Restaurants du Coeur, a French charity that distributes food packages to the needy. The talents of Jacques Attali also saw him provide lyrics for Barbara; a French singer recognised for “L’Aigle noir” that should one million copies in a period of 12 hours. Jacques Attali also directs the Grenoble University orchestra which he has performed several different pieces. Jacques Attali as a Keynote Speaker Given the many achievements of Jacques Attali, he is in regular demand as a keynote speaker in several different industries, as well as his main work in economics and sociology. Jacques Attali has also been cited as one of the top 100 global thinkers in the world by Foreign Policy Magazine. The experience and knowledge of Jacques Attali have seen him host a series of keynote speeches that have instilled a new way of looking at the world, and well as helping businesses and professionals become more confident.