Hernando de Soto Polar is a Peruvian encomiast that is popular for his views on the informal economy as well as his passion for business and property rights. As well as creating a series of articles for many popular publications, Hernando de Soto Polar has also written several books that focus on business rights and how they can be changed in order to aid the less fortunate. The Early Life of Hernando de Soto Polar Hernando de Soto Polar was born on June 2nd, 1941 to a Peruvian diplomat and was exiled to Europe following the 1948 military coup. De Soto attended the International School of Geneva before moving onto post-graduate work at the Graduate Institute of International Studies. After carrying out roles as a corporate executive, consultant and economist before returning to Peru at the age of 38. Affiliation with the Institute for Liberty and Democracy De Soto was a member of the ILD (Institute for Liberty and Democracy) and became a known player and made changes in Peru’s economic systems that allowed the property system of Peru to operate in plain sight as opposed to the black market it had operated in previously. The changes implement allowed many firms to prosper, which can be attributed to the removed bureaucratic red tape, which previously meant that starting a new business would take a lot of time and be costly. The changes made were so significant that the guerrilla movement known as the Shining Path were becoming deprived, which resulted in a terrorist attack. Following the work carried out in Peru during the 1980s heads of state from all over the world have sought the services o the ILD, predominantly with a focus on improving the economic infrastructure. A series of reform programs designed by the ILD has become the inspiration of major initiatives in companies such as Egypt, Honduras and Tanzania. The focus of the ILD has also allowed for more recognition of what the less fortunate and poor have to face on a daily basis. De Soto’s Views on Terrorism The views of De Soto in relation to terrorism were revealed in October 2014 with an article entitled ‘The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism’ which was published in the Wall Street Journal. De Soto stated that in order to defeat terrorists’ groups like ISIL was an aggressive agenda for economic empowerment. De Soto used the approach taken in Peru that had undermined the authority of the Shining Hand back in the 1980s. The implementation of a more robust economic infrastructure that allows the ordinary people of the US to be in a better position to overcome a terrorist offensive. The article has found praise with former US Presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Rand Paul and was published on several other platforms. Other Examples of De Soto’s Published Works ‘The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism’ was just one example of De Soto’s published works. The Wall Street Journal found traction with ‘Egypt’s Economic Apartheid’ during the protests in Cairo in 2011, and the Financial Times would publish the ‘The Free-Market Secret of the Arab Revolution.’ Authorship of Hernando de Soto Polar The written work of Hernando de Soto Polar continued with a series of books. ‘The Other Path: The Invisible Revolution in the Third World’ which focused on the proposals put forward for the development of Peru, as well as the counteracting the attempts of the Shining Hand. Hernando de Soto Polar has worked in conjunction with Francis Cheneval and released a book entitled ‘Swiss Human Rights Book Volume 1: Realising Property Rights.’ The book was a collection of papers that focused on the urgency of property rights in countries with high levels of poverty. Praise Received for the Work of De Soto Although the article ‘The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism’ was popular, it wasn’t the only work that was praised by the masses. De Soto was chosen as one of the five leading Latin American innovators of the 20th century in 1999 in Time magazine, as well as being among one of the 100 most influential people in the world back in 2004. Forbes was another publication that has promoted the work of De Soto, listing him as one of the 15 innovators that will reinvent the future in 2000. During 2004, the reading collective of ‘Prospect Magazine’ (UK) and ‘Foreign Policy’ (US) ranked De Soto number 13 in the world’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals Poll. Talks Hosted by Hernando de Soto Polar As well as his written work, de Soto has also found popularity with his talks and interviews. Much like his written work, Hernando de Soto has become popular for talks that offer clarity in how strong economical infrastructures can help build a better social infrastructure, that can also ensure nefarious ways of working are kept at a distance. Regardless of whether the talks are held for corporations or government bodies, there is always something to take away from the educational and fascinating talks of Hernando de Soto.