Gary Hamel’s reputation as a business thinker is unequalled, he is currently without doubt one of the world’s most influential and sought-after speakers. As the author of concepts such as ‘core competence’, ‘strategic intent’, ‘industry foresight’ and ‘industry revolution’, Professor Hamel has changed the focus and language of strategy in many of the world’s most successful companies. His innovative entrepreneurship model is the blueprint for all companies wishing to become outstanding. Gary is the most reprinted author in the history of the Harvard Business Review. “The World Bank’s Innovation Market” is Hamel’s latest HBR article. Other articles include “Innovation Now”, and “Why It’s Time to Take a Risk”. He has also authored three cover stories for Fortune. He is on the board of the Strategic Management Society and he is a fellow of the World Economic Forum. In his work with world leading companies such as Shell, Nokia, CGU, Ford and others, Gary Hamel demonstrates how to create rule-breaking strategies that will create billions of dollars in new wealth. Professor Hamel is a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, at the Fortune 500 CEO Roundtable and Bill Gates’ CEO Summit. His powerful presentations are packed with a rich source of actionable information which Gary expresses with clarity and precision.