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In February 2005 Ellen MacArthur was welcomed back to Britain by huge crowds after sailing solo around the world in record time. In recognition of this amazing feat she was made a Dame. Ellen’s drive and determination are awe-inspiring, thousands follow her race progress on the Internet and hoards of people flock down to the quayside to see her off on a race. Ellen’s record is a feat of mammoth endurance, speed and sheer physical and mental willpower in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Ellen is a truly remarkable young woman, in addition to being the fastest woman and youngest person to circumnavigate the earth in a solo yacht race; she is also one of the youngest people ever to be awarded the MBE.

Ellen is renowned for her ambition, professionalism and determination to succeed. Her story is not just about sailing, rather one of human endeavour! Ellen’s way of approaching life – her innovative thinking and the challenges she seeks for herself inspire audiences to make their innermost dreams come true!

In her stunning presentations she inspires, motivates, breaks down barriers and encourages us to achieve the impossible with her stories of overcoming incredible hardships, digging deep into her emotional reserves and finally achieving the impossible.