Don Peppers

Don Peppers is a founding partner of the Peppers and Rogers Group, the world’s leading customer-focused management consulting firm.

Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change ranked him as a top thinker and writer on management topics. He was also selected as a member of the International Direct Marketing’s Hall of Fame.

He capped his advertising career as the CEO of Perkins/Butler Direct Marketing, a top twenty US direct marketing agency.

A popular voice among editors and the media, he is co-author of a series of international best sellers that have collectively sold over a million copies.

By facilitating the identification of your most valuable customers, he sets the foundations for you to model effective customer focussed strategies.

With a comprehensive path to increasing customer satisfaction you will have a crucial ingredient for developing a successful business strategy.

Clarity is the name of his game; he strips out the jargon and gives you a tailored overview of the latest thinking.