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David is one of Europe’s best-known and innovative writers and thinkers on leadership and the foremost authority globally on mentoring. He has a rare talent for making complex topics understandable and for presenting them with humour and insight.
He is visiting professor at Sheffield Hallam University, where he is a member of the Mentoring & Coaching Research Group, and also Oxford Brookes University.

David has written 10 books in this fast-growing area. He led the development of the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment and is currently leading the development of parallel standards for coaching. He co-founded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, where he is head of the research committee. He has designed hundreds of sustainable mentoring and coaching programmes over the past 30 years, since he brought the concept of structured mentoring to Europe.

David has explored how both individuals and organizations can become sustainably innovative. His ground-breaking study of organizational strategies for managing work-life balance provides the basis for pragmatic approaches to managing conflict between organizational and individual employee priorities. He presents work-life balance as primarily an issue of making choices in a complex environment.

David was the first UK author to investigate in depth the role of non-executives. He advises public and private sector companies around the worlds on how to improve the quality of the board’s activity. His interest in boards and corporate governance focuses on the quality of the discussion, decisions and leadership demonstrated by the board, both as individuals and together.