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Change is an ever-present and often intimidating part of life. Things are changing faster than ever in today’s world and the rate at which we adapt and adjust must speed up as well. We must change or face being left behind.

Although change can be positive and exciting, it can be a difficult issue for leaders and employees to address and conquer. Change can instil a sense of uncertainty and fear in some, paralyzing those who want to continue down paths that are predictable and familiar.

Successful change depends on how it is presented within an organization. Everyone must understand the goals and vision. HR particularly can play a key role in helping an organization face a period of change.

In this challenging address, Professor Dave Ulrich will focus on three main themes related to change − [1] how leaders can create and sustain fundamental change, particularly cultural change, through identifying and breaking down barriers – [2] the disciples needed to make change happen effectively, particularly how one can master the skills of turning what we know into what we do and [3] the role of HR throughout the change process.

Participants will leave with a roadmap for long term fundamental change and tools for making change happen.

Professor Ulrich is professor of business at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and is co-founder of the Michigan Human Resources Partnership. He is also the author of many books on leadership, HR and building value within organizations, including HR Value Proposition, How Leaders Build Value and Leadership Brand, published in the Autumn of 2007