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Referred to as “Europe’s foremost teacher for business success,” by Business Age, Colin Turner’s ground-breaking presentations propel teams and individuals to acquire self-improvement and develop their personal path to success. Delegates learn how to increase focus, performance and productivity and how to develop the entrepreneurial leadership characteristics essential for profitable growth that is demanded of today’s ‘Millennium Manager’.

Colin Turner´s business books have sold over 1 million copies and are published in 25 languages. From a practical perspective, he has developed several multi-million dollar entrepreneurial enterprises from start-up. He has advised leading organisations such as Microsoft, IBM, Fujitsu, Compaq and SAPPI. His direct entrepreneurial input to a BT communications initiative led to the first interactive book, Talk Works being distributed to five million consumers, and he was instrumental in developing their Global Customer Service Strategy. He is also Vice President of the Small Business Bureau that liaises with the UK Government for better business.

As a Keynote Speaker, Colin Turner’s dynamic and highly inspirational presentations are specifically tailored to deliver real value to client’s requirements in areas including: Personal & Organisational Change, and Creating Entrepreneurial Leadership within established organizations.