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Colin Coulson-Thomas is the UK’s first Professor of Competitiveness.
He is the principal author of a widely used methodology for designing and re-engineering board and management processes.

An authority on board and director development, he has worked with the boards of over 70 commercial and public sector organisations.

He has facilitated many strategic reviews, such as the session of G10 chairmen that established the vision and mission of the TEC movement and the role of the TEC secretariat.

Currently, he delivers a programme of bespoke and in-house master classes for board members and senior management teams. Focusing on the board’s role in corporate transformation, he shows you how to improve board performance and that of the directors within it. His unparalleled expertise on corporate change and creating entrepreneurial drive are not to be missed.
Meticulous and well documented, you will get a balance of research findings and business examples in his presentation.