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Carl Lewis has nine Olympic gold medals to his name.

Incredibly, he was on every US Olympic team from 1980 to 1996. This is a record for a male athlete.

The Carl Lewis Foundation helps disadvantaged youths, and is just one of many charitable works that he is now involved with.

Undoubtedly, he is a shining example of sustained success.

His World Championship record is equally impressive. Between 1983 and 1995 he won nine gold medals, one silver and one bronze. Voted track and field athlete of the decade in the 1980s, he dominated the sprints and long jump.

In his speeches, Carl Lewis, having lived his life saying โ€œI Can Do That,โ€ shows audiences how they too โ€œCan Do That.โ€

How to achieve and sustain success are the two main threads of his message. And it is a message that he has realised time and again.