Albert Meige

Metaverse specialist, Digital Revolution Consultant, Conférencier.

Albert Meige

Albert Meige is a World renowned author, entrepreneur and key figure in the new digital era with key skills involving digital transformation, quantum computing in the metaverse, helping path the way for digital revolution. Albert is available for presentations and consultancy services. Enquire direct with one of our speaker representatives direct.


Albert Meige Keynote Speaker

Albert Meige is the founder of Presans, a business consulting firm he sold to strategy consulting firm Arthur D. Little in 2020. He has been involved with startups since his teenage years when he started selling magic shows. Nowadays, Albert is focused on building and sharing his experience in the startup world with other entrepreneurs around him.

Albert has been an Academic Director at HEC Paris and Mines-Telecom Institute. Trained as a Telecom Engineer, he holds a PhD in Computational Physics from the Australian National University and an MBA from HEC Paris Business School. He also worked as an engineer in the telecom industry before moving to academia.

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Albert Meige Award Winning Speaker

In 2008, École Polytechnique awarded him its Innovation Prize. The author of many academic articles and books on innovation and digital transformation, he has over a dozen peer-reviewed academic articles, two patents and the ministerial report “La Formation de l’Esprit Entrepreneur” (2018) to his name.

Albert is an ultra-trail runner and a seasoned photographer. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than fifty seconds and loves (urban) exploration. He participates in photography workshops and loves the outdoors, but he also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Albert is key figure in the Evolution of Work

Albert Meige is a recognized specialist in open innovation, the transformation of organizations and the evolution of work. Their conferences help companies discover how they can transform themselves to effectively participate in this new world.

Albert Meige is an entrepreneur at heart, having co-founded and led several companies around the world. He has worked in diverse sectors including telecom, media and technology. Albert graduated from HEC Paris with an MBA and a doctorate in Physics from the Australian National University.