Andrew Zolli is a young, brilliant, globally connected leader of the next generation of futurists.

In his exciting presentations, Andrew outlines the trends that will shape your organization’s future and he helps audiences respond intelligently to the emerging complex changes that will matter most to them. He offers a marvelous blend of valuable content and fantastic delivery. He has a gift for seeing patterns and the strategic opportunities emerging at the intersections of brands and demographics, creativity and innovation, design and technology.

Andrew is the curator of Pop!Tech, the annual conference of thought leaders exploring the social impact of technology and the shape of things to come.

He is a Fellow of the National Geographic Society, where he leads development of a global initiative to envision new scenarios for a sustainable world in 2030 and beyond.

He has been the futurist-in-residence for American Demographics magazine, Popular Science, National Geographic and National Public Radio’s Marketplace. He is the editor of The Catalog of Tomorrow.

Andrew is the first Business and Society Fellow of the Boston College Centre for Corporate Citizenship and was named to Fast Company’s Fast 50 in 2005.