Albert Meige

Albert Meige is a French entrepreneur and the founder of Presans, a leading company in the field of innovation and expertise. He was born in France in 1975 and holds a degree in engineering from École Polytechnique and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from École des Ponts et Chaussées.

After completing his education, Meige worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, where he gained extensive experience in management consulting and innovation management. He then went on to found Presans in 2008, with the vision of creating a platform that connects businesses with experts from different fields and industries, to facilitate innovation and problem-solving.

Under Meige’s leadership, Presans has grown into a leading company in the field of innovation and expertise, with a network of over 6 million experts across various industries and disciplines. The company has developed a unique approach to innovation, which combines the use of technology and the expertise of its network to help businesses solve complex problems and drive growth.

Meige is a recognized thought leader in the field of innovation and has written extensively on the subject. He is the author of several books, including “Superclusters: How Technology is Changing the Business of Innovation” and “Disruptive Technologies: Understand, Evaluate, Respond”.

Meige is also a regular speaker at conferences and events around the world, where he shares his insights and expertise on innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, he serves as a mentor and advisor to startups and entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their ideas and bring their products and services to market.

Overall, Albert Meige is a visionary entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the field of innovation and expertise. Through his work at Presans and his thought leadership, he has helped businesses around the world to unlock the full potential of their innovation capabilities and drive growth and success.