Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is a world leading expert on branding.

Since defining ten revolutionary branding rules he has provided brand-building advice to a host of international organisations.His clients include Mars, Pepsi, American Express, Mercedes-Benz, Ericsson and Yellow Pages.

He is also a member of several international boards including Wotch, Hitwise and

Until 2001 he was world-wide Chief Operating Officer for BTLookSmart.

He is founder and CEO of ZIVO, Australia/Asia’s largest Internet solution company, and co-founder of BBDO Interactive Europe -later renamed Framfab- Europe’s largest Internet solution company.

A visionary and an educator in the rapidly growing field of on- and off-line branding, he unveils how to use emerging techniques for building strong, international brands.

From his latest work, the concept of sensory branding, the untapped branding potential, you will learn how to identify the next generation of brand building as well as the required step to step actions on how to establish a solid sensory branding strategy.

His high energy and brain power are truly infectious. You will be roused into action by his stimulating presentations. He also delivers consultancy packages, in-house training and 1 to 1 consultancy.