Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist: A Biography

Magnus Lindkvist is of Swedish origin. He is a phenomenon in management consultancy, film-making, trendspotting, and futurology. He is a published author, brand strategist, and an influential member of TED which is inarguably one of the most notable trends forums all over the world. He also occupies a leadership position in an influential Swedish agency.

Educational Background

Apart from his early education, Magnus Lindkvist holds a Master of Science degree in Business and Economics obtained from Stockholm School of Economics. He also holds a degree in Film Production obtained from UCLA School of Film, Television and Theatre.

Notable Achievements

Magnus Lindkvist has scored high when it comes to influencing society in positive ways. His most notable achievements include:

With regards to his expertise in public speaking, one would say that he is simply amazing. He combines unusual energy and persuasive style of speech to engage his audience totally. He also makes use of multimedia tools in delivering content that are intellectually inspiring. His topics of discourse range from innovative trends in business and the world as a whole. His public speaking acumen has a penchant for holding his listeners spellbound, entertained and refreshed at the same time. Since over a decade, his expertise in public speaking has also enabled him to deliver thousands of keynote addresses to audiences ranging from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, civil servants, and in fact, to anyone seeking inspiration and enlightenment on the current trends in future-thinking and trendspotting. He employs a rather dramatic approach to his work. Critiques say he combines the attributes of a knowledgeable scientist with a comedian’s sense of humour to give futuristic insights into societal and business trends.

His background as a brand strategist and a high-profile management consultant, created the formwork for the founding of Pattern Recognition in 2005. It is a company founded specifically for the purpose of providing opportunities for other companies to do business with futuristic insights and ideas and of course, make profit from them.

Considering the leadership position he occupies in TED, and his credentials as a seasoned brand strategist, he is known for advocating the need for various brands and businesses to consider the combination of visionary leadership with valid business information to achieve excellence in business. He believes that all technocrats and industry leaders should have proactive insights and intuitive imagination to be able to firmly grasp business opportunities that abound. In his books, he is of the opinion that the brain is normally configured to think in stereotyped, linear ways, but that may not be a true reflection of reality because according to him, the world is basically exponential in nature and as such there is the need to harness imagination and think out of the box. This he says, will prepare business people to make the best out of both business opportunities and challenges. As a source of inspiration to aspiring business leaders, he encourages them to imbibe the culture of customer satisfaction, not just profitability.

As a writer, he digs deep into the capacity of the human brain to question the realities of the world as it is in contemporary times. He says that by having a vivid imagination of the future, we should be open to a variety of ideas some of which may be conflicting, in order to properly position ourselves to create the kind of future we want. Critiques say that his basic methodology of approaching issues is to use verified facts, figures, and examples to change the minds of his audience for the better. They say that he however does this with the casualness of a Hollywood storyteller.

Published Literature

Minifesto (2016).

When The Future Begins: A Guide To Long-term Thinking (2014).

Everything We Know Is Wrong!: The Trendspotter’s Handbook (2010).

Awards And Accolades

Magnus Lindkvist has garnered many awards and accolades both for his stage presentations and for his published literature. He has made so much impact in his various disciplines that a UK based HR director once said of him that he is the best thing that has come out of Sweden after the musical group – ABBA, and meatballs!

He is so enigmatic in public speaking that he has been recognised as one of the most influential public speakers in Europe. He gained international recognition in 2008 when he was responsible for securing the very first accreditation for the course – Trendspotting and Future Thinking, at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. In 2009, he won the prestigious “Business Speaker of the Year” award in Sweden.


Various participants in Magnus Lindkvist’s programmes and presentations have given testimonials about his charisma and intellectual capacity. One said that a speech he gave was so fabulous and proved to be very inspiring to their managers, and that it was rare for such enthusiasm be found in Finnish business audiences. Another respondent was of the opinion that Magnus is a truly wonderful speaker who is fiercely intelligent, amazingly insightful, wonderfully curious, and hilariously funny.

Magnus Lindkvist remains an upwardly-mobile society influencer that continues to inspire many.