Trevor Waldock

Trevor Waldock

The beliefs of Trevor Waldock are commendable and astonishing, and he continues to impress into the modern-day.

As well as being able to ignite the inner spark of every individual regardless of their background, Trevor Waldock developed the Integrated Global Leadership Model, a cross-over model that could be taught to people from a variety of different backgrounds.

Trevor Waldock is also CEO of Emerging Leader, an NGO that looks to inspire vulnerable communities in the UK and Africa with its unique take on leadership training.

This means that regardless of the business size, the background of a person, or the amount of money available, there is always a viable way of moving forward and making yourself known.

Given how unique this approach is, it should come as no surprise that many were keen to learn more about the approach was taken by Trevor Waldock, which he has done via a series of successful publications.

The following is an overview of the some the books that have been released by Trevor Waldock to date.

The 18 Challengers of Leadership: A Practical, Structured Way to Develop Your Leadership Talent

Regardless of where a person works, there can be times when their having to contend with an overwhelming set of problems every day, with more being added before the previous ones have been dealt with.

Of course, problems exist but Trevor Waldock asks this question. How are you going to contend with these problems moving forward?

Trevor Waldock offers 18 challenges that allow people to develop their own strategy for dealing with problems that arise, establishing your role as a leader sooner rather than later.

To Plant a Walnut Tree: How to Create a Fruitful Legacy by Using Your Experience

When not travelling on the path we expected, it’s understandable that some feel that the experience they possess isn’t of any worth, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There will often come a time when a new way of working must be established, and the experience already in place could be the key for this change to occur.

Not only is there an abundance of information contained within ‘How to Plant a Walnut Tree’ but it also reads with passion and excitement, which is the same tone that would be used for his successful keynote speeches.

Doing the Right Thing: Getting Fit for Moral Leadership

One of the most alluring aspects of Trevor Waldock’s written work is the clarity it offers. Rather than bamboozle the reader with a series of business buzzwords, Trevor Waldock cuts right to the chase and offers a unique but realistic way of reaching goals.

“Doing the Right Thing” allows readers to deal with power responsibly and lays a series of tips that allows for positive change to occur in the world.

There are times when tough decisions need to be made but drawing on the experience yielded so far can ensure that the right path is taken moving forward in relation to leadership.

Am I Really Tired? The Hidden Wisdom of Tiredness

There are many times when we can all feel tired, but do we feel tired for the same reasons? In “Am I Really Tired?” Trevor Waldock examines the sensation of the tired feeling we feel and helps decipher whether it’s related to overworking, or something else completely.

Given that people feel tired for different reasons, the books also help examine the exact cause behind the draining of energy.

Jericho and Other Short Stories

As well as being able to offer unique and different ways of working, Trevor Waldock has also published works that have showcased locations that inspired his innovative way of thinking and how adapting different cultures can be beneficial in the future.

“Jericho and Other Short Stories” is an exploration of different environments that evoke a feeling of love, including the good and bad.

The short stories also become metaphors of recovery and hope in a world where it can sometimes be in short supply when looking at the world at surface level.

Trevor Waldock recently took part in the Sedex London Conference, a UK sourcing conference that saw a collective of over 700 business leaders, CEOs and government representatives.

He delivered a powerful keynote speech that explained how worker and leader can become more empowered and make effective changes, be it businesses or communities.

If you’re looking to embrace the benefits of Trevor Waldock’s experience, then why not make a booking enquiry today.