Shaun Smith

Over the last decade, Shaun has been a key catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the much wider and strategic issue of customer experience. He has developed some of the latest thinking and practice around this subject, helping organisations world-wide to create a compelling customer experience that achieves brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty.

He is co-author of three critically-acclaimed business books. His first book ‘Uncommon Practice’, researched and written in partnership with Interbrand, examines those companies that create exceptional customer experiences. His second book ‘Managing the Customer Experience’, reveals how leaders can build this kind of competitive advantage for their own organisations. Shaun’s latest book ‘See, Feel, Think, Do – The Power of Instinct in Business’ co-authored with Andy Milligan of Interbrand, explores how highly successful business leaders and entrepreneurs use the power of instinct to achieve results. He is also contributing author to The Economist’s Brands and Branding and author of the Organisational Alignment Survey (OAS™) and the Customer Experience Management+™ survey (CEM+™) – research tools that enable organisations to evaluate and improve their customer experience and align their people with company values and strategy.

Shaun began his career in the airline industry, where he became Head of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Training worldwide for British Airways. He later moved to Hong Kong to head up Cathay Performa Consulting, where he specialised in airline customer service strategy, before starting his own company providing customer service consultancy to international organisations in Asia. He returned to the UK in the late 1990s as Senior Vice President of The Customer Experience Business, a specialist consulting division of Forum Corporation, a leading provider of workplace learning. Over the last 25 years, he has built up a wealth of practical experience with organisations throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, working with senior executive teams on key issues such as Brand Strategy and Implementation, Leadership, Customer Experience and Organisational Alignment. Shaun has worked within a diverse range of sectors, including both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations. These include retail, telecoms, travel, and leisure, professional and financial services, technology, automotive, manufacturing and the public sector.

Shaun believes that Customer Service is in crisis – not because it’s bad, but because it’s undifferentiated. How do you create customer experiences that define your brand? How do you create a level of customer satisfaction that is so strong that customers become your best advocates? How do you avoid becoming one of the 55% of companies that drive customers away through their CRM systems?

Shaun has featured a number of times on the ‘Ask the Expert’ programme on CNBC and is sought-after to speak internationally on key business issues such as Brand Leadership and Differentiation; The Alignment of Marketing, Customer Service and HR to create customer-focused change; Motivating and Training Employees to Deliver the Brand. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and a Member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers. Shaun now runs his own Customer Experience Consultancy, which is firmly rooted in the ‘keep it simple’ ethos. He doesn’t talk paradigms, complex methodologies or seven magic bullets; instead his approach is refreshingly straightforward, always pragmatic and at times, controversial.