An architect of corporate transformation programs and a best selling author, Richard Pascale is an Associate Fellow of Oxford University. He also serves as an advisor to top management for several Fortune 100 size companies.

Richard combines a rare synthesis of scholarly thinking and practical experience. He encourages agility which enables businesses to reinvent themselves in the dynamic and volatile new economy. He sets the rules for creating complex adaptive systems that are poised to constantly to rethink strategic initiatives and attain the renewal necessary for success.

He has worked closely with the CEO and top management teams of many large corporations including AT&T, General Electric, The New York Times, Marriot, British Petroleum, Ciba Geigy, Intel and Morgan Guaranty Bank. Additionally, he has conducted research at GM, Ford, Chrysler, British Airways, Motorola and Sony. His latest research focuses on the emergence of self-organisation.

He was a member of the faculty at Stanford’s Graduate School of business for 20 years and taught the most popular course in their MBA program – a course on organisational survival. Furthermore, Richard was a White House Fellow, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labour and Senior Staff of a White House Task Force. In the latter capacity, he participated in the reorganisation of the Executive Office of the President. In October 1991, the BBC TV dedicated a program to his work and he is also the subject of a two-hour video on Transformation.

Richard’s ability to connect in a direct and down-to-earth fashion makes him a highly sought after and effective speaker.