Richard Lewis

Richard D Lewis has been active in the fields of applied and anthropological linguistics for over 35 years and he is widely considered to be one of the world’s most renowned inter-culturalists and linguists. He speaks 10 European and 2 Asiatic languages and is currently chairman of Richard Lewis Communications PLC, an international institute of language and cross-cultural training with offices in over a dozen countries.

His work in several fields of communicative studies has involved him in the organisation of courses and seminars for many of the world’s leading industrial and financial companies. He also spent 5 years in Japan where he was tutor to Empress Michiko and other members of the Japanese Imperial Family. More recently he has been heavily involved in the intercultural field, founding companies in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil, teaching communication skills in these countries as well as Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Richard Lewis founded the quarterly magazine “Cross Culture” in 1989. His best-selling book “When Cultures Collide” is regarded as the classic work on intercultural issues and his latest publication, “The Cultural Imperative” (2003) forecasts global trends in the 21st century. Richard Lewis was chosen as the Personality of the Year 1999 by PATA (the Pacific Asia Travel Association) and was given the award on the basis of “the dedicated and extraordinary work carried out in the area of cross-cultural communication, having clear understanding and sensitivity for the cultures in the Asia/Pacific.” Mr Lewis was knighted by President Ahtisaari of Finland in March 1997 in recognition of his services in the cross-cultural field relating to the training of Finnish Ministries for EU entry (1995) and the EU Presidency (1999).