Quality management theories can help form winning strategies. Managers in any kind of organisation should learn all they can about the tried and tested business management theories. There is nothing more important for you as a manager than to move your team forward toward its goals. Whether you manage a small team or a multi-national company, your challenge is to be the person with the vision and keep moving your team towards that vision. So, which is more important, having a vision for your organization or having a strategy for getting there? The answer is neither is enough without the other. Plus you need the tactics to implement them. You must have a vision for your organization, a strategy to get there, and appropriate tactics to achieve your strategy.

We can offer you highly experienced and motivated speakers who can show you how to explore the path to managerial success.

David Ulrich

Renée Mauborgne

Lynda Gratton

Rob Goffee

Clayton Christensen

Costas Markides

Peter Senge

Arie de Geus

Richard Pascale

Manfred Kets de Vries

Larry Hochman

Jack Welch

Susan Annunzio

Barry Nalebuff

David Clutterbuck

Sir Gerry Robinson

Jim Harris