What is a Trendspotter?

Many people will have been susceptible to trends, and they can affect different people in different ways  

For example, the fashion industry is one that is constantly seeing an influx of trends. This is especially true throughout different seasons.

Similarly, there can be trends that are triggered by a catastrophic event, which means decisions are based more on what’s occurred in the past as opposed to what is happening in the present.

However, the term “trendspotter” can be applied in several different ways, and many business professionals have made it their duty to analyse trends and offer advice based on this information.

Working with trends and getting the best from them can often involve thinking outside of the box, which is why many people look towards keynote speakers for an in-depth overview of trendspotting and how different thinking can be applied moving forward.

A trendspotter’ s journey can take many forms, but ultimately it is a path that can be full of twists and turns, while still having a similar overarch that surpasses all small trends but can be easily missed due to the prominence of smaller trends in the short-term.  

Essentially, it’s about standing back from the conventional approach to the world and seeing if there is more value in adopting a different strategy.

The following philosophers have all found success in the world of business, be it with their own company or their world of inspiration to business leaders around the world.

Trendspotting doesn’t only have an impact on our lives, but a different approach that yields benefits can soon become an inspiration for the global business overall, meaning that originality and humanity are at the core of every business without having to follow the same conventional route others are using.

Kjell A Nordstrom

Kjell Nordstrom is a Swedish economist that has found recognition as an author and keynote speaker thanks to his unique perspective on the world of business.

Nordstrom has also delivered speeches that offer an alternative view in relation to eradicating poverty, as well as garnering a better understanding of what trendspotting is.

His talks have not only been of use to those in the business realm, but also to those looking for success in life.

Nordstrom has also spoken about how trends arise in the approach to business, and that while the online world of business can be an alluring one, looking at more conventional business models could be more profitable moving forwards.

Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist is another Swedish professional that has found prominence in the world of trendspotting.

Lindkvist is so vested in the world of trendspotting that he started his own company in 2005 called Pattern Recognition. As the name suggests, the company helps a slew of businesses examine trends and ensure that the right plan is in motion when setting goals or the future.

The popularity of Lindkvist’s work has seen him work with some of the biggest brands in the world, including McDonalds and Coca-Cola.

Lindkvist has also delivered a series of keynote speeches, including the popular TEDTalk “The Virtue of I Don’t Know.”

This talk was inspired by a lack of inspiration, and how not always having the answers can help bring life into new ideas.

This is because when other avenues close, there can be a need to discover other avenues we may not have explored. In many instances, adopting a new way of thinking is able to deliver a series of benefits, be it for a business or a professional.

Many can fall at this hurdle when it comes to moving forward but understanding the concept of trendspotting allows a decision to consist of more rationale than emotion. This can instil confidence that even when the worst-case

It’s not only the stage were Lindkvist has made an impression, as his written works have proven to be just as popular.

His first book “Everything We Know Is Wrong! The Trendspotter’s Handbook” that teaches the benefits of alternative thinking and concentrating on long-term trends.

Another popular book was “The Attack of the Unexpected” which detailed the ramifications of unexpected events, such as the credit crunch and how the thinking of everyday people can be altered dramatically, thus changing trends moving forward.

Michael J Sandel

Katie McLean|Photographer Harvard Professor Micheal Sandal lectures on the influence of market morals in todays society.

Minneapolis-born Michael J Sandel is a philosopher that found fame with the book “Liberalism and the Limits of Justice”

The book was recognised for critiquing the book “A Theory of Justice” by John Rawls. There was a lot of focus on the veil of knowledge, which would allow a decision to be made in a just way that in theory would create an equal and fair society.

Although Sandel was not dismissing the veil of ignorance, he did state that a looser version of the idea should be employed to determine a better understanding.

Sandel was also responsible for one of the most popular courses in the world, “Justice.”

As week as being converted into a television series and book, the course itself was taken by other 15,000 students in Harvard.

Stephane Mallard

Stephane Mallard is a digital evangelist that talks in-depth about artificial intelligence and how it can sculpt our future depending on the decisions made in relation to AI.

Although artificial intelligence is introducing a slew of benefits into the modern world, Mallard believes the relying too much on AI could mean that we become too reliant on technology when making decisions.

As well as giving an overview of the current world of technology, Mallard’s works also promote the benefits of being human, and how ideas shouldn’t be constricted simply because everyone else is following another path.

Mallard also wrote “Disruption,” a guide for businesses that shows them how to look at the world through fresh eyes and make an important business decision without distraction.

Anders Indset

Norwegian-born entrepreneur Ander Indset is a philosopher that encourages a transparent workplace and outside-the-box thinking.

Although Indset fully accepts that the advancement of technology is a necessity in today’s world, there is a danger of us becoming too reliant on artificial intelligence.

Indset has stated that it’s important to keep the human element within the business, otherwise, we run the risk of operating a faceless corporation.

Indset’s 2017 book “Wild Knowledge: Outthink the Revelation” also advised that more conventional approaches to work can be restrictive in the modern world, and some may not have even held the value we thought at the time.

This isn’t to say that all historic approaches to the business world are irrelevant, but it’s important to ensure that we’re able to pave the way with our knowledge as opposed to behaviours and events.

Jonas Ridderstrale

A successful author and inspirational keynote speaker, Jonas Ridderstrale has been promoting the benefits of trendspotting for several years.

“Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance” was a book released in 2000, showing that the concept of trendspotting is nothing new.

The book details the approach businesses take can make all the difference as to how successful a business is.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so it’s important that the approach being taken by the business is in-line with its character and ethos.

The unique point-of-view has gone onto inspire thousands of people within the business realm to avoid convention and explore more organic approaches to winning new customers.

Ridderstrale reinforced this message with his talk “The Holy Grail of Business: Compete on Fitness and Sex-Appeal.”

The talk highlighted how the expectations of customers are changing all the time, and if a business isn’t adapting to customer habits, then it could find itself lagging behind the competition.

The Benefits of Being a Trendspotter

Being a trendspotter isn’t easy, and it’s normally done in conjunction with something else. Some may have a day job, while others may be running an enterprise.

As such it’s something people have to some form of connection with, as the aspect of trendspotting can become confusing and overwhelming at times.

However, this doesn’t mean that many of us can’t take advantage of trendspotting, we may just have to source the information in a different way.

The concept of trendspotting can also be useful for companies trying to identify new opportunities in their sector.

Relying on the same business model throughout the years could mean that marketing campaigns are losing traction, simply because the approaches being taken are dated.

Trendspotting not only allows businesses to identify new opportunities but also ensures that the trends and insights are applied in the right way.

The books and talks available from a mass of trendspotters mean that we can stay enlightened on the world of trendspotting without the complications.