Stéphane Mallard Public Speaker

Stéphane Mallard is like a pathfinder and pioneer. He scrutinises future tendencies linked to innovation technology and Artificial Intelligence that will disrupt all aspects of society, from business to education even looking at health. All organisations will be involved and the stakes are considerable.

Not one business model will stay like it is now and was before. Programmed IT will make place to trained IT where everybody will add information to help develop artificial intelligence to do everything. These AI assistants will be everywhere; they will be proactive and personalised.

Boring tasks will be taken care of by machines and allow us to improve our quality of life and free up some valuable time for other more interesting things. Old society models will reinvent themselves and make place for a service and knowledge society. AI will create huge new opportunities and out of norm changes, exiting and dizzying but will also raise fundamental ethical questions..
The future belongs to us, it is our choice to make it what we want it to be, and it’s now!!

Stéphane’s book

DIS-RUP-TION (published early May 2018 and a bestseller within 2 weeks)
Disruption is universal and its ability for transformation is extremely powerful. Everything is “disruptable”, from our values to our own bodies, even our point of view of the world. In this book, Stephane depicts in a large spectrum all impacts of this disruption, the breakthroughs in technology, the evolution of organisational models and changes of our landmarks.

Without political cant and in a free and enthusiastic way, the author from generation Y decodes the dynamics of disruption. He gives clues on how to perceive this nascent world so we are not afraid of what lays ahead. Accept it and embrace it so we become actors of our own lives and avoid that others build it for us.

In front of this huge wave of change that sweeps everything in its way, it is urgent to understand the dynamics and the new codes required for disruption. We must disrupt ourselves otherwise we will disapear !
It is not a revolution, it is a disruption. Fast, violent and inevitable, the time in which we are propelled by technological progress is also a very fertile period full of new hopes.