Peter Senge and His Blog Contributions

As well as being renowned for his working in leading organisations and systems thinking, Peter Senge has also found success as an author of several successful books, including the best-selling “The Fifth Discipline.”

Peter Senge has also enjoyed giving a series of talks to institutions and businesses, as well as being part of several blog posts that look to capture a better understanding of the disciplines of Peter Senge, as well as gaining a better insight to his view on the world.

The Systems Thinker

The Systems Thinker is a website that delivers case-studies and articles that discuss the possibility of solving problems in a peaceful way.

Peter Senge has contributed several articles to the website that help organisations and businesses become more organised in a chaotic world.

IN “Rethinking Leadership in the Learning Organisation,” Peter Senge on the statement that’s so often repeated in the business world, in that businesses are happy with “the way things are.”

Peter Senge enforces the importance of business leaders talking and setting aside stale bureaucratic culture in order to become a learning organisation.

There can be an element of feat and self-protection when it comes to restructuring a business, as those in leadership could feel that any “failures” are attributed to them.

There’s also the fact that many believe change can only come from the top, in this instance a CEO.

While understandable, there have been instances where the CEO is unfamiliar with the territory they’re dealing with, so making decisions based on guesswork will never be a viable way of taking the business forward.

As such, Peter Senge identified three types of leaders that are integral when it comes to building learning organisations, which are split into the following positions.

  • Local Line Leaders: This is essentially the testing ground to try out new ideas and record their results.
  • Executive Leaders: Executive leaders support line leaders and will help develop infrastructure.
  • Internal Networkers: Also know as community builders, Internal Networkers will locate areas where change isn’t being practised and will also aid those that are confused by the new learning.

As you can see, the structure is much different from the conventional ones seen in the past, in that it offers an effective way of implementing change, while still being able to move forward.

Disrupt Design

Disrupt Design is an online platform that explores the benefits of benefiting to the sustainable, regenerative and circular economy.

As well as his written contributions, Peter Senge has also given video presentations that further overviews of his approach.

The “Peter Senge Introduction to Systems Thinking” video highlights that the terminology “systems thinking” can be a mixed bag and is a term that he uses cautiously.

Senge advises that this is because of how some may associate the terminology, especially with the word “system.”

Some may look at systems as a network of computers, whereas others could use the word to describe their current infrastructure i.e. “the system is broken.”

Ironically, Systems Thinking has nothing to do with either.

To make the explanation of Systems Thinking clearer, Peter Senge compares it to be being part of the family, in that there will be family members that behave in a way that causes unforeseen consequences.

Using this example as a guide, people are better able to understand the concept of System Thinking, as their no longer following buzzwords and jargon, but instead the reality of the occurrence.

Like a family, a business has had to look at why people are acting in a certain way, and ensure change is implemented to ensure everyone has their same understanding when moving the business forward.

However, if a business continues to operate in a way with people felling it’s “not their jobs” then the business could become more difficult to run, as well as making for an uninspired environment.

The way in which Peter Senge analyses is straightforward enough to understand, as each element is designed to make a change for the better.

As such, Peter Senge has not only been part of several talks and conferences but has also delivered several keynote speeches to institutions and businesses all over the world.

As well as allowing a business to better understand the working of its company, the talks of Peter Senge also low professionals and businesses to adjust the focus of their objectives, allowing for a better experience for all involved.

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker that can help overhaul your business, or maybe you’re searching for answers as to how the inner-workings of a business should be laid out, then why not book Peter Senge today to help take your business to the next level.