Global Renowned Futurologist Magnus Lindkvist Discusses Future Growth at EDGE 2019

Despite many professionals and businesses having a clear idea of what the future holds, there are others that look at the world in a different way that helps determine future growth and where its strengths and weaknesses lay.

EDGE 2019 was the latest iteration of the destination conference and Magnus Lindkvist was in attendance and delivered an opening keynote based on the theme of this years’ conference, ‘Build.’

EDGE 2019: Future Growth and The Complexities it Can Offer

EDGE 2019 was held in Hamilton Island in Hamilton Island in Australia and sought to develop a plan to help businesses deal with the complexities that the future can conjure up, as well as giving informative overviews of how to achieve attainable growth.

As well as bringing together over 300 C-level executives, EDGE 2019 offered a slew of keynote speeches and structured networking and was backed by research carried out by Tech Research Asia.

EDGE 2019 was able to offer partners several strategies that helped reinforce the importance of IT within the business realm, but also highlighted some of the hindrances face in relation to budget and resources.

Being More Aware of the Future: Magnus Lindkvist

Anyone who has the pleasure of listing to keynote speeches delivered by Magnus Lindkvist in the past will know the conventional way of thinking about the future is often set aside along with explanations of how we can better prepare ourselves for the future.

The Swedish analyst was able to offer an original way of thinking in relation to the technology community, ensuring that businesses and professionals can ensure they stand out in the future, as well as having the potential to strengthen their brand in the process.

Magnus Lindkvist was keen to showcase how the future shouldn’t be viewed as a far-flung destination, but rather should be used for professionals and businesses to prime themselves to be the best they can, while still being resilient against change that isn’t always beneficial.

The Background of Magnus Lindkvist

The reason why Magnus Lindkvist was selected as a keynote speaker for EDGE 2019 can be attributed to the impression and reputation gained over the years.

The performances of Magnus Lindkvist are rarely viewed as speeches and are often considered as a show pro performance.

Magnus Lindkvist has always been pioneered why small idea matter, and how focusing on short-term trends can lead us to miss the bigger picture.

One of the most famous accolades given was by a British HR director who claimed that Lindkvist was the best Swedish import since ABBA and meatballs.

As well as delivering speeches to several businesses around the world, Magnus Lindkvist has also given keynote speeches to Fortune 500 CEOS, business owners, entrepreneurs as well as those looking to safeguard themselves professionally in the future.

Further Reading of Magnus Lindkvist

The immersive and passionate speeches by Magnus Lindkvist in the past has meant that he has also found success as an author, publishing several books that look at the worlds and the future in new and different ways.

His most recent book “Minifesto” highlights the importance of small ideas in a world where many are following paths that while fruitful now, could become problematic in the future when relying on conventional thinking in the business world.

Another popular book published by Magnus Lindkvist is “Everything We Know is Wrong” is seen as a handbook for would-be trendspotter that offered several insights as to how the brain processes the concept of change.

The book became popular with the masses, as it helps make sense of an otherwise chaotic and confusing world, where change can be difficult to spot in some instances.

Why Hire Magnus Lindkvist as a Keynote Speaker?

In some instances, there can be conventions and networking events that repeat the same information over and over, and while some of it can be relevant, some of it can be expired advice that no longer holds any relevance.

Several business, professionals and institutions have embraced the word of Magnus Lindkvist, thanks to his passionate approach and immersive way of delivering his speeches, ensuring that his words are captured by everyone in the room.

Those that are looking to rejuvenate a business for success in the future or looking for a more proactive way of working that is primed for success in the future, then why not hire the services of Magnus Lindkvist to ensure that an original way of thinking can be harnessed for future success.