Far Too Many Companies Compete but Create Far Too Little

Magnus explains this quote given how clear it is that many services and products are the same, as many companies think in measurable standards.

This means that those looking for success will often copy behaviours of the past then look at something new which could be risky.

This approach moving forwards simply means that companies will become less ground-breaking and monotonous, so those looking to make a difference will need to take some paths that may have not been explored in the past.

Everyone Talks About Problems While the Technological Solutions are There

Citing climate change and the way energy is generated as an example, Magnus Lindkvist states that although energy companies do a lot of good, they do tend to rely on proven techniques, which means that other viable options can often be ignored.

Individuals will tend to work with trial and error, starting with small things until they work.

As market capitalism becomes the main focus viable alternatives are often dismissed but could offer something that changes the way we work.

An example of this is a diesel oil created from bacteria that is fed with sugar, showing that inroads are being made to synthetic oil.

Simply applying the same method until it’s no longer viable can mean that many are left scrambling when it comes to the future.

As such, a long-term approach with more knowledge can be more financially viable, albeit in a different way.

Do Not Focus on What Others Are Doing, But Ask Yourself: What is Nobody Doing Yet?

It’s a common misconception that schools are no longer relevant because of the Internet, but this isn’t the case.

Having so much information available can mean that we’re under the illusion that we’re more knowledgeable than we are.

This isn’t to say that such technology doesn’t have a place in the world, as it has introduced a brand-new social infrastructure that yields a lot of benefits, but it’s important that we don’t give into conformity.

Some of the best discoveries in the world have been due to people drifting into the unknown. Even though we can assume we live in a utopia, there are often a series of problems gathering dust that have been ignored and exchanged in favour of proven techniques.

Tell Yourself Everything Morning: I Am an Incredible Loser

Although this quote may not be an inspiration on the surface, it fits in with the vision of Magnus Lindkvist perfectly.

This quote isn’t to keep people from success, but rather the opposite.

Citing the man who saved Nokia in the 1980s as an example, there often when success can give us an illusion of superiority while becoming lazy and paranoid.

This can be due to the mindset of assuming because something worked in the past, it will work again in the future.

Although Magnus Lindkvist has always been a supporter of looking at the bigger picture, it’s also important to recognise changes taking place in the world, regardless of how irrelevant they may be at the time.

The more that is known and understood, the more a company can adapt. What’s more, this allows a company or professional to make the right approach in the market while still being able to offer something different.

Staying ground and recognising change can far more efficient and beneficial than following the flock who will often end up spending more to catch up to the competition, again relying on proven techniques than innovation.

It Is Becoming Increasingly Expensive to Do Nothing While Doing Something is Becoming Increasingly Cheaper

Innovation can always be an expensive investment, but as a product or service gathers more momentum and obtains more customers, the service will often become cheaper.

In turn, many companies will recognise this success, and then run with its own version, meaning that marketing is at the forefront of its vision.

This can be inhibiting for companies that of a large scale such as Amazon and Google.

Despite their heavy use of intelligent and advance algorithms, they tend to keep up with the competition.

This isn’t to say that some original services don’t arise, but if they fail to capture the same traction as other services, then they can be considered a failure, which isn’t always the case.

Such a haphazard approach to business could mean that those who take their time in perfecting what their offering will find that the business is more adaptative when it comes to the future.

The talks and interviews held by Magnus Lindkvist have always been referenced to as a performance as opposed to a talk due to his passionate talks that can be applied to all works of life, be it a young start-up company or a large corporation.