Anders Inset as a Keynote Speaker

When talking about technology it’s to go along with the existing trends, especially in relation to technology.

Example of this includes the advancement of social media, the way in which we converse with businesses as well as the fact that we can run our daily affairs via the use of apps.

Although the advancement of technology is something to be celebrated, it’s important to keep the human element of any process alive and kicking.

Anders Indset is entrepreneur and philosopher based in Frankfurt, Germany. The talks of Indset in the past has covered several different subject matters including business and how the use of technology moulds the way we work.

Anders is not a conventional speaker that shouts buzzwords that have little relevance or meaning, he is truly a pioneer in his field, offering an alternative take on the world of technology without alienating it completely.

This explains why Anders chose to create the Frankfurt International Alliance with other business professionals, as it doesn’t get involved with businesses purely looking to increase their bottom line, but rather address issues faced in the business world as well as learning from the mistakes of each business.

The adoption of an online persona in relation to business can make it easy to forget that customers are real-life businesses that will have expectations.

Although the use of technology can help streamline the communication with customers, the talks of Anders ensure that business remembers that a human is involved, and not a string of code.

Criticism of Current Technology

Anders believes that when adopting new technology, we shouldn’t always be so accepting.

The use of algorithms is a good example of the points Anders raises. Although this form of artificial intelligence can take away a lot of the work business needs to carry out to strike a chord with customers, it could also be making the wrong impression with customers.

This isn’t a problem with artificial intelligence itself, but rather the reliance on it. If the business making use of the algorithm isn’t sure what its customers are looking for, then this means it has become reliant on technology it doesn’t understand, which could be problematic moving forward.

Fortunately, Anders has put on a series of different talks over the years that have helped businesses and professionals look at the world in a different way when it comes to technology and the choices a business makes in relation to this tech.

Past Work of Anders Indset

Ander isn’t someone to stand on a soapbox if he’s not done his homework, so it should come as no surprise that as well as the many successful keynote speeches he has been part of, he has been part of several different podcasts and online discussions, such as the Inspiring Leaders series “Blah Blah Blah.”

As well as the aforementioned podcast, Ander Indset has also found success with the written word.

In 2017 Anders Indset wrote, “Outthink the Revolution” which not only explores some of the problems the modern business world offers but also how dated beliefs can hinder the progress a business makes.

Example of this includes the “work-life balance” that Indset feels is outdated and offers very little value to those searching for success.

He also details how real human emotion can be injected into a business that all contributes toward a business with an original but effective way of working.

The Large Demand for Anders Indset as a Keynote Speaker

The different keynote speaker will be in demand for different reasons. The reason why Anders is so popular is not only cited to the way he views the business world and the technology being introduced but also introduces a trail of thought others may have ignored.

For example, there are many applauding in how much technology is doing for humanity, but there are very few that are offering critique and a new way of learning.

Anders doesn’t believe that technology should be abolished, as for the most part, he’s very accepting of it.

The points raised in past talks evoke passion into how we should become more familiar with the technology being introduced and not take the technology at face value.

Example of technology going wrong in the past to include the leaking of personal information from several different websites and the celebrity photos that were leaked for all to see.

This doesn’t mean that cloud storage must be abolished, but it does highlight the importance of ensuring that there are safeguards aligned with new technology just in case anything should go wrong.

Ander Indset works, and keynote speeches have been so inspirational that he has become a popular speaker in all corners of the world, a great achievement when you consider the different approaches that different countries take in the world of business.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, or even keen to learn a new take on the world of business that others will have ignored, then Anders Indset is the keynote speaker for you.

As well as being able to teach a business a new way of working, it can also help draw inspiration from those working within in the business to ensure that a company really is firing on all cylinders when looking for success.

If you’re interested in booking Anders Indset as a keynote speaker then why not make a booking via Leaders for Business today.