Anders Indset Believes More Chaos and More Stability Are Needed at the Same Time

The job role is one that is changed, especially since the introduction of technology.

Where once employees would have a human boss, it’s not unheard of for today’s bosses to take the form of artificial intelligence.

Although this sounds a little sinister and seems to emulate a science-fiction movie, the threats of artificial intelligence are very real, especially in the job market.

Anyone that has used an app to find work will often find that jobs are allocated automatically, and often this will be done by artificial intelligence.

On the surface, this could be seen as a good thing, but companies that become too complacent with artificial intelligence run the risk of becoming habitual and hindered.

If those operating a business aren’t sure why some technology has been put in place, then it could mean that the business becomes dependent on AI.

The approach of Anders Indset is that to create more stability we also need to cause chaos to ensure change is implemented.

The way this change is instilled can depend on the nature of the business, but simply competing with another business and copying their traits is no longer enough for a business to survive in the long-term.

Some business can be under the illusion they are stable but if the need for change isn’t recognised, then the business will have to contend with the wrong type of chaos.

The right type of chaos is a business that has the ability to “shake things up” and not conform to the limitations of a job role.

Unleashing Chaos Allows Personalities to Shine

Chaos used in the right way will lead to stability, as well as ensuring that everyone shares the same company visions.

For example, if a business has been relying on conventional job roles to see a task through, but it’s not having the desired impact, then it’s important for the business owner to identify where the problem lies and make a change.

For example, if a business is using automated responses to customers, it may give the impression that the company lacks any empathy, so a personal reply means the business could earn more trust, simply by recognising where human interjection is required.

In other instances, there could be a time when meetings are held, but those in attendance aren’t sure on the focus of the meeting.

By ensuring that employees are part of the talking point not only allows them to feel more valued, but it also ensures that everyone is fully aware of the goals of the business and that people are working together and not against each other.

Changing the Concept of Leadership

Some can be under the illusion that the role of a leader means that everyone should so as they say without question, but this is no longer the case. Or at least it shouldn’t be

Of course, there can be corporations where this approach to leadership exists, but it’s unlikely to be fruitful for the long-term.

Those who only believe in their own approach are not only hindering employees but also the long-term goals of the business.

As such, a modern-day leader needs to lead by example, and take on board the thoughts of others who are working towards the same goals.

The way people work nowadays means that there will be lot of opinion and views, and simply ignoring these could mean that a business is losing out on viable ways of moving forward when being to sustain itself for the long-term.

The concept of change can be chaotic, and there will be times where adopting a new approach can be overwhelming, but it does mean that a business can operate in a way that’s more realistic and achievable.

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