Anders Indset Believes Artificial Intelligence Could Affect the Economic Operating System

There’s no denying how much advancement the developing of new technology has allowed for, but this doesn’t mean that every rise in technology should be considered the best way forward.

Until recently, the economic system of different times and countries has evolved slowly, but nowadays there are series of payment options available it can be difficult to know where it sits in relation to the overall economic system.

Anders Indset has long promoted the benefits of looking at the world of technology in a new way, otherwise, we could find ourselves at an economic crossroads in the future.

How AI and Blockchain Could Affect Job Roles in the Future

On the surface, the concept of millions of new roles can seem positive, especially when they’re attributed to the rise of new technology, but Anders Indset believes that we should look at the world in a different way in order to be prepared.

At a time where technology appears to be the dominant force, Anders Indset believes that philosophy plays an integral part in being prepared for the future.

Philosophy allows for a personal search for wisdom and understanding as well as being open to more organic learning.

The Norwegian-born futurist also believes that philosophy allows us to develop a taste for acquiring a deeper understanding, and the advancement of technology is affecting the ability to listen by conventional methods.

This could mean that the human element is taken away from job roles, allowing for a more automated method to take over, be it a robot or an algorithm.

Counteracting the Effects of Artificial Intelligence

Although Anders Indset understands the fear the comes with the advancement of technology, he firmly believes that being able to fully embrace what makes us human is the best way of humankind evolving, without having to rely on artificial intelligence.

Making the Change: Letting Go of Habitual Behaviour

There can be many instances where a company has yielded a lot of benefit in the way it operates, only for it to suddenly lose traction.

This is happening more and more of late, and this can be due to the rate technology evolves at, meaning that a business isn’t always aware of what changes it should be made until it’s too late.

Anders Indset states that business needs to examine their old structured and shed off old belief systems if they’re no longer viable.

A company implement change can struggle, but it’s important to allow these struggles to inspire openness to learning, which can help ensure that the business isn’t in the same position in the future.

Never Lose the Concept of Why a Company Does What It Does?

A business can often have a lot of processes in place, but it’s important to realise as to why these processes are in place.

There can be many instances where a lot of processes are automated, which many business owners are not harnessing all the benefits of these process, nor are they recognising the need for change.

This approach could mean that an algorithm can essentially know more about the business than the business owner themselves.

Questioning why the processes are in place could mean that a business owner must face some harsh realities, it also means that it can lead from procedures that might not be suitable for moving the business forward in the right way.

Make People Feel Cared For, Not Dispensable

One of the most common occurrences of relying on algorithms is because the customers will also be relying on the same technology, and the lack of empathy or context could mean that customers end up feeling like nothing more than a dispensable commodity.

Sure, there are benefits in relation to technology, so to say it is a hindrance would be unfair, but it does require a deeper understanding.

It’s also important to ensure that the relevant changes are made to ensure that the people can recognise human interaction, and not have concerns and outcomes defined by artificial intelligence.

The main focal point of Magnus Lindkvist is the reintroduction of philosophy, as he feels that this is what will make the difference in the future.

Regardless of whether we’re studying the social infrastructure, or how business can better understand the reasons why technology is employed, the use of philosophy can help everyone examine the world in more detail, searching for answers that artificial intelligence may not have considered.

The unique and fresh approach to the world of technology has allowed people to consider the long-term effects of technology as opposed to embracing it to align with the competition.

Magnus Lindkvist offers a fresh vantage point that’s both energetic and immersive and helps us look at global and business trends in a completely new way.

If you’re looking to harness the benefits that can be yielded while ensuring the human element remains  intact, then why not hire Magnus Lindkvist as a keynote speaker for your next event or conference today