Ander Indset Believes an Economic Operating System is Essential

Anders Indset is a world-renowned author, philosopher and entrepreneur that has been giving a series of thought-provoking talks for several years.

As well as teaching professionals to look at different ways to advance their career, Anders has been teaching business to take a new approach to achieve professional goals.

As well as delivering several keynote speeches, Anders Indset has been a participant of several online podcasts and interviews that look at his fresh business philosophy in awe.

Google predicts that the complexity and speed processing information is only going to increase in the future, which Anders believes will be a crossroads for humanity, and the only way forward is to adapt to an economic operating system, or humanity could be losing out to algorithms.

This goes against the excitement that the use of artificial intelligence could mean thousands of new jobs.

Although an exciting prospect, those building the foundations of more complex algorithms could find that after the initial groundwork, the AI being created could potentially carry out these roles, thus rendering human interaction as non-essential.

The developing of technology is always an exciting time, and it’s not unusual to see a slew of businesses reinforce just how beneficial the use of AI is in the world of business, but very few highlight the drawbacks.

Anders states that finding collective purpose and meaning is something artificial intelligence can’t take away, but if these conversations aren’t happening, then the process never starts.

The only way to move forward in a world of technological threat is to embrace what makes us human and build on this.

As such, businesses may need to operate in a way that helps return its roots to the organic operating system we were once familiar with.

This includes building on the ability to reason, as well as embracing to communicate using real dialogue.

Anders believes that this is the approach that needs to be taken to ensure society moves towards a level of understanding as opposed to one of confusion.

Reflection Helps Create a Sense of Meaning

Anders believes that a sense of meaning is missing, and only those that take them to reflect will be able to create the sense of meaning they’re looking for.

This could mean professional need to free up some hours in the day whereas others may want to take a holiday to search for this sense of meaning.

On the surface, this could seem like businesses are taking their eye of what’s important, but this type of reflection is a necessity to move forward in a world of technology and AI that is expanding rapidly.

As well as being able to create a sense of meaning, professionals and businesses need to establish areas to why they are carrying out specific roles.

This may sound obvious at first, but many are surprised to learn that some of the procedures being carried out by businesses are simply an emulation of what the competition is doing.

Sure, knowing what the competition is doing will always be beneficial, but the injection of original thinking can mean that a business can explore more avenues when it comes to creating a sense of meaning.

A sense of meaning also ensures that the customer is always seen as a human as opposed to being exploited.

If a business isn’t querying why it is making the decisions it’s making, then it could lead to customers reeving untruth

Although a customer will use a brand that has a product or service they want, they could be dissuaded from using the business again if they felt there was a lack of empathy or compassion when dealing with enquiries.

Analytical tools can tell us a lot about a customer’s online behaver, but there could be parts of a customer profile which can only be attained using human contact.

This is especially true for those in the medical and caregiving field.

Artificial Intelligence Needs to be Counteracted

Given the fear factor associated with artificial intelligence, it’s understandable why so many are worried about what the future has to offer.

This again reinforces the requirement for humans to explore their own operating system and maintain a sense of meaning.

Allowing AI to undertake the roles that are best suited to a human could mean that we end up losing track as technology advances.

A grasp on technology and where it should sit within the business ecosystem will allow many to flourish in the future, although there will often be a series of changes along the way.

Fortunately, this could well be a possibility, especially given how many people are finding philosophy appealing again, citing it as a fresh way of thinking in a complex business world.

Adopting a fresh approach to the business world is not always about being right all the time, but rather learning from mistakes made in the past.

Ensuring human interactions remain part of the business models allows a business to accept where it has gone wrong and make customers aware that changes are being made. Anders Indset has a stage presence that commands a room and offers information that offers a more organic approach to the business world that ensures that we don’t get caught up in short-lived trends and empty buzzwords.