In a challenging economic climate, organizations have a greater need than ever to motivate their people, tap into expert insight and communicate strategy with clarity.

In general terms, environmentalists advocate the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the natural environment through changes in public policy or individual behavior.

Look through our selection of inspiring and thought-provoking speakers, who will encourage audiences to go back and make changes to their businesses. They will strive to convince both individuals and corporations that even small steps in going green can make a big difference.

Christopher Flavin

Lester Brown

Peter Schwartz

Alexander Likhotal

Jeremy Rifkin

Robert Swan

Daniel Yergin

Klaus Toepfer

Jonathan Greenblatt

Al Gore

Craig Venter

Andrew Winston

John Deutch

Mark Plotkin

Robert Ballard

Joseph MacInnis

David Strong

Dr Wangari Maathai

Dr Jane Goodhall

Anthony Giddens